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Doctors !!

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I have just seen my doctor today, as I’m getting low of Nature Throid and finding it difficult to replenish as the cost for NDT has gone up with sterling not good against the dollar and import charges, I am taking 3 grains of NDT AND 25mcg of T3. T3 I buy in also. I asked my doctor today because of cost, is it possible I can go back on T4 and I will still buy in T3 and take both . ( my doctor will not prescribe T3)

My doctor has said today he will give me T4 on the condition I do not take T3 . I do not want to take T4 on it’s own , I have gone down that road before.

I have no thyroid

Can I stay on T3 only and if so what mg should I be taking?

I had a blood test 3 weeks ago , the results are : TSH - 0.02, Serum free T3 - 5.9

I have been very open with my doctor for many years

Thank you everyone for your help

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What a cheek your doctor has. The fact that you have no thyroid gland at all is even more reason that you take T3 or get it prescribed. I have my gland and cannot function without T3 - I source my own like you.

I don't approve of 'persuasion' i.e. "I will prescribe this if you don't take T3 "- is not what I would call humane.

You can just state you will take levo alone and don't divulge that you're adding/taking T3 which you are sourcing yourself and are very entitled to do.

One of our Advisers and his team have proven. as have other researchers. that many recover their health by a T4/T3 combination.

We are not imbeciles in that we are being 'saved' from developing clinical symptoms by a doctor not prescribing T3 but denying a patient the only Active Thyroid Hormone which has improved their clinical symptoms.

Let a doctor remove my T3 over my dead body and it would surely be if an occasion arose.

Medical personnel quoting guidelines which continue to have no reasoning behind them as stated by Doctors like Dr Skinner and Dr Peatfield, both held in esteem by their patients would be good, if other doctors could do the same but are being prevented from doing so due only to Guidelines. A 'guide' is supposed to lead you safely along a path.

Although the 'guidelines' have instructed him not to prescribe T3, or he has decided on his own that you shouldn't take your own T3 in addition to his prescribed T4 is ridiculous.(These guidelines are wrong.) Some people need T3. As you are sourcing your own so he has absolutely no control over what you swallow.

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creamsoda12 in reply to shaws

I have now received 2 telephone calls from this doctor one saying he has spoke to another doctor in the practice and he agrees with him , I replied that’s ok I will take T4 but give it 6 months , depression with lots of other problems, and now a second call telling me he has spoken to an endo from Bath hospital and will prescribe 75mg T4 and I self medicate with 25mg T3 and a appointment to see this endo and a blood test in 6 weeks

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shawsAdministrator in reply to creamsoda12

That's excellent and at least he had second thoughts and reversed his response. Not many would have done so, but I think you mentioning your symptoms he's contacted an Endo to be on the safe side and it has been found in your favour. :)

Remember a 24 hour gap between T4 and 12 hours gap for T3.

I take T3 only but always have had a 24 hour gap and I'm not changing the method I use otherwise I'd have to change timing of my dose and I'm happy with my results.

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creamsoda12 in reply to shaws

Thank you , hopefully I may get some help , so pleased alls going well with yourself .. I’ll keep you posted

Many thanks

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shawsAdministrator in reply to creamsoda12

I wouldn't be surprised if has someone close to him who is hypo and has improved with some T3. Even a patient who has recovered with the addition of it.

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to creamsoda12

Sounds good

Keep us posted.

Email Thyroid UK for list of recommended thyroid specialists, some are T3 friendly. See if he's already in the list

please email Dionne

If he's not on list, and you would recommend him (after appointment) then email details to Dionne

Professor Toft recent article saying, T3 may be necessary for many. Note especially his comments on current inadequate treatment following thyroidectomy or RAI

Thank you SlowDragon , yes will keep you posted

Omg just read the article I had RAI 20 years ago, the worst thing I ever did,wasn’t t given an option and so sick with graves I just wanted to feel well. so interesting I’m going to print it off to give to my doctor as my TsH is out of the range and read for my battle to not reduce thyroxine.

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Simplyred57

Simplyred57 Your results in this post recent show slightly low FT3 and you were having to fight GP to stay in 100mcg

Are you still on 100mcg?

suggest you get full private testing of thyroid and vitamins and come back with new post once you get results and ranges

Yes I’m 100mcg , I’m due blood tests on 18th and dr appointment on 23rd have the article mentioned and dr tofts article with question 6 ready - then will have private test done can you just remind me which one i should request - thank you

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Simplyred57

Medichecks Thyroid plus ultra vitamin or Blue Horizon Thyroid plus eleven are the most popular choice. DIY finger prick test or option to pay extra for private blood draw. Usually £99

Both companies often have money off offers.

Thank goodness he at least checked it out and took advice. At least he changed his mind - lots of GPs wouldn’t, you’ve only got to read the posts on these pages to see that. As for saying I’ll prescribe T4 only if you don’t take T3, it sounds tantamount to blackmail! What a thing to say to someone who is willing to self-fund to be well! I’m pleased you are back on track. And sad for everyone with intransigent GPs and an illness that means they live half a life.

I'm so pleased to hear that you have got what you need: that the doctor changed his mind and thought better of it! Well done!

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creamsoda12 in reply to m7-cola

Keeping my fingers crossed

I recently saw an Endo about getting some T3, as like you, I am finding it difficult to afford NDT. He said the only way he could do it was if I went on just T4 for a while, became ill, and then he would see.... I told him I was virtually bed bound on T4 alone but he dismissed that. He then looked at my latest blood results - I was getting heart palps so had been told by the GP to drop my dose of NDT slightly. TSH - 1.57, T4 - 7.9 (11-22) and T3 3.1 so very obviously underdosed. "Brilliant, spot on" he said.

I muttered "first do no harm" and left. He has called me back for another appointment next week but I shall not be going.

Looks like I will have to keep struggling to find a decent source of NDT and have a cold house.

Gosh your having a tough time , I can buy NDT BUT very expensive

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