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Hi everyone, I think from reading previous posts that nature throid was reformulated a while ago. I am currently trialling different doses of armour and am possibily going to try nature throid. I have previously been on nature throid from around mid 2010 until the beginning of 2011 which I think was before the reformulation? However I didn't find it as good as the original armour and am still struggling to find something that works the same (long story but I had a break from NDT after the last nature throid experiment and only started back on it last year).

Anyway as I have previously tried nature throid for over 6 months and didn't find it as good as the original armour I am trying to work out if its still worth experimenting with it again. Did anyone find nature throid was better after the reformulation? If people found it to be the same or worse it probably isn't worth another experiment with it and the plan would be to try WP thyroid next and then erfa if necessary (I tried erfa during the time of the problems but am hoping to try that again as it seems things may be settling down a bit?). I'm on armour at present but even though I know its been reformulated since the 'bad' formulation I still don't find it as good as the original.

If anyone had any experiences as to how they found nature throid after the reformulation (if it was definitely reformulated?) in comparison to how it was before I'd be very grateful!

Thanks very much

Elle x

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Elle, these Google links discuss the reformulations of Armour and NatureThroid


Thank you for the reply - I'll have a look through those x


That's interesting - the first one I read shows that it was actually the reformulated one I tried (I kept an old bottle so was able to check!). I didn't realise that so as I already know that didn't work the same as the original armour for me that's really helpful as I won't spend time on another trial! x


Thank you nutrimom for the link - I do like the look of the WP thyroid and the less ingredients - I think that will be the one I will try next. I'm thinking that is the one you are on and doing well with? The link shows me both nature throid and WP thyroid x


Thank you for your replies x


Sorry, which brand do you use? WP Thyroid or NP Thyroid?


Here is something I don't understand; the STTM seems to think that switching from methyl cellulose to micro cellulose made Nature Throid work better but, at the same time, the STTM has called the reformulated Armour useless...and Armour also contains micro cellulose...


Not all microcrystalline cellulose is created equal. For one example:

Unless we are sure of the exact ingredient, it could prove misleading to assume that they would have the same effect.


I have a question for those of you who switched to Nature-Throid (especially if you were previously on Armour and/or Erfa):

How much Nature-Throid do you need (compared to Armour and/or Erfa)? When I was on Armour, I needed as much as 7.5-8 grains daily to feel OK. On Erfa, I had to go from 6 to 8 grains after the alleged reformulation (at least the labels on the bottles look different now, and I also have the impression the pills are now blotchier than before...).

I have found a pharmacy willing to send me NT even if the prescription is for Erfa, but 6 bottles (so 600 pills) - 2x30 mg, 2x60 mg, 2x90 mg) will cost me over 500€...if I need as much as 7.5 or 8 grains daily, that means 2000€ (ca 1600 GBP) a year, and NDT is not reimbursed at all where I I was kind of hoping that, if NT works for me (which of course I have to decide first), then maybe I would not have to take as much...?

I know I am getting way ahead of things here, I just wanted to see if anyone has been on NT, and especially if anyone here could compare it to other NDT drugs like Armour or Erfa, to try to find out in advance how much of it I might need...


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