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Just a bit of info for you all if you do not already know. I have just contacted the pharmacies from Thyroid UK website:

Tollesbury seems to be the most expensive, they do not have 0.5 grains available. The cost = 1 grain £100 for 100 tablets.

Springfield Pharmacy: WP Throid 0.5 grains is £71.50 for 100 tablets. Springfield have Nature-Throid 0.5. grains ,a bit cheaper at £40 for 100 tablets.

Alium pharmacy have Nature Throid 0.5 grains at £25 for 100 tablets.

Health X change Pharmacy have Nature Throid 0.5 grains at £39.00

I am on a 3 week trial without any meds, my endo says he will give me a prescription when I see him in three weeks. However, I have ordered some WP without prescription from the U.S. I may look into Nature-Throid from the U.K when I have used the WP (3 bottles of 100) as it is much cheaper, but if WP suits me I will stick with it.

(I paid around £46 for 0.5 grains, bottle of 100 from U.S)

I hope this is useful.

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  • is a prescript needed for all the above?x

  • Hello

    yes, a prescription is needed. The only way without prescription is ordering from U.S

  • yes I do that and get clobbered for tax-thankyou

  • Whereas if you buy from the UK (obviously that needs a prescription) the VAT is already included in the price.

  • bluepettals2 I order from NZ and, so far, have not had to pay any tax,etc. but would be interested in comparing prices!!

  • If you order small quantities from the US, tax is not charged. This means you have to have lots of orders (and lots of payments!) but I hate paying the tax!

  • so you order quarter grains? ho wmany bottle at once Serenfach

  • Hi

    What constitutes a small order?



  • I usually order 30 at a time - 1mg and then 2mg as I take 3mg one day and 2 1/2mg the next. I think it may be the cost you have to watch, someone will know, before you pay duty. I have also find they come about 2 weeks earlier if they dont get stuck at customs! Hope this helps.

  • Do you mean one bottle of 30 or 30 bottles?

  • Must be one bottle of 30 - 30 bottles of anything would cost more than the limit. Which is £15.

  • This seems a small amount to order from such a long distance and process. As soon as they are taken another order would be submitted .

  • This is worth reading


    I but my Thyro Gold from the US, it takes 2 weeks from order to delivery. I will put a post up soon regarding my results as feel so much better.

  • That is very interesting, I look forward to reading your report:-) I have been considering Thyro Gold myself. The reason I haven't tried it so far is that I read somewhere that cows are more "seasonal" than pigs, meaning that their hormone levels are likely to fluctuate more than in pigs. I have no idea, however, if that is true. After all, the late Dr. Lowe seemed very knowledgeable when it comes to thyroid disease and treatment, so there must be a good reason he chose bovine thyroid over porcine when he created Thyro Gold.

  • It was so that people who had a 'religious' reason could also access NDT. Also the cows are grass-fed New Zealand ones.

  • This product was invented purely so that it could be sold without a prescription. Dr John Lowe was an Adviser to Thyroiudk.org.uk and he was incenced that we had difficulty in sourcing NDT due to the rumours put about by the producers of levothyroxine and the Endocrinology and doctors who would not prescribe other than levothyroxine.He would never prescribe levothyroxine.


    His widow Tammy now runs the website:


  • Thanks for those clarifications, Shaws. What I'd be most interested in finding out is whether Thyro Gold works as well as porcine NDT, including Thai NDT brands, so I'd really appreciate hearing from members who have tried Thyro Gold and at least one brand of porcine NDT?

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