Curing Hashimos

I just spent the afternoon listing to a pharmacist who had hashimotos, and cured herself. Her name is Izabella Wentz. She had a 9 day seminar and of course she has written a book. You might want to Google her.

She went on gluten free diet, and also stopped dairy, which she claimed ended her thyroid issue. She is off all Thyroid medications, and this was after having it for 6 years. She talked about having cold laser therapy also known as LLLT. She suggested having a lab test that would make sure you have no parasites living in your colon that would cause inflammation through out your body, or absorption issues. Of course she suggested that one takes the usual vitamins; magnesium, selenium, vit B12, C D, K2, ox bile for those of us without gall bladders. I could go on and on, but your going to have to read the book. Did you know people are being injectioned with thyroid stem cells and being completely cured?

Bottom line, this disease is not going to go away unless one changes a lot of habits. A gluten free diet being on the top of the list. Believe me, I don't like it any more than you do.

By the way I got my B12 spray, and so far it hasn't fixed my memory. I've got to get some more Pregnenolone!

My book Stop the Thyroid Madness really emphasizes that we all should be on natural thyroid medication , like armour or NatureThroid with cytomel thrown in or possibly only cytomel 3 - 4 times a day. I know, cytomel is a synthetic, for some reason that is the exception.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Talk to you soon, or not . Hahaha!

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  • Hello Maryh,

    Just to clarify for those here who don't know, the book you refer to as 'my book' was written by Janie A. Bowthorpe, a thyroid advocate well known to this forum. The webinars you have referred to have been the talk of the forum all week and I'm glad that you found them useful.

    Cytomel this side of the pond is known by its generic name, liothyronine or T3 and many myself included take it and feel better for it.

    Pregnenolone is a step too far for me but I wish you well for whatever reason you're supplementing.

  • Good to know we're all on the same page.

    I use Pregnenolone to help me with my fuzzy brain. It really works!

  • and mary h you have still got hair, it baffles me why some keep hair and others don't- it is the bane of my life, and at one time I moaned about wigs but now find that my stupid small head just doesn't keep them on either, so really cheesed off. I have a cupboard full up I could open my own health shop. sometimes I have to have a pill free week. I do use pregeneolone wheni remember so I must fish it out and the detoxidine nascent an dthe vitd and vit c and oh dear back to the cupboard again!

  • Izabella talked about a cold laser. I googled it and found a company that them for $200. The advertisement said this laser helps you grow back hair! It stimulates your blood vessels and microcondria. You might want to Google cold laser or LLLT. It's suppose to also help with arthritis pain.

  • Interesting. Here's a study on laser therapy:

  • Thanks Josie,

    Very interesting article. I have read the cool laser is very effective for thyroid sufferers, but doctors are afraid to use it on Hashimo patients fearing it will make the auto immune antibodies stronger and ultimately destroying the Thyroid. I ordered the laser, but now I'm afraid to use it on my thyroid. My boyfriend is losing his hair and has arthritis pain, so I'll use it on him.

  • Repunzel, The book I was referring to is the Hashimoto Protocol, the 90 day Plan by Izabella Wentz $17.65, Which has just come out. . But I'm also reading Stop the Thyroid Madness. Both excellent books.

  • Maryh1,

    Rapunzel was referencing your statement "My book Stop the Thyroid Madness" in your original post above. Rather than "of course she has written a book".

  • I guess I'm not a very good communicator. Sorry for the confusion.

  • My recall is that pregnenolone (which is the body's first biochemical step after cholesterol) was studied as far back as the 1940s, as a way to prop up the hormone system and relieve stress. Did you check for deficiency before starting it?

  • Nope, just did it. I'm 70 years old and deficient in everything!

  • and you are 70? you look like a young girl and that hair---

  • Oh dear fed up of the number of times this series is mentioned here. She needs no more advertising she does well enough herself.

  • In regard to Izaabella, she really seems to have some answers and hope for people suffering with Hasimotos. I keep hearing the same type of questions being asked all the time. Don't you think it's a good thing that she has a book and a tape that answers all your questions on the subject?

    Is she trying to get rich and famous? Probably, who cares if her advice can fix me!

  • My complaint relates to the repetitive mentions of the same thing on this site just adding to vast number of posts without contributing anything new.

    Have you noticed how young and beautiful most of these US experts are ? Helps the selling no doubt.

  • Hi Maryh1.

    I have her book but I emailed her and said that she has put her hashimotos into remission but she needs to remember that she should not profit too greatly and her mission should be to help others who may not be able to afford the expensive treatments and supplements that she can afford. She replied saying that she is not in it for the money but all that she has done since then is to raise her profile and sell and profit from all those that are drawn looking for a cure with her programmes which sell for $xxx. It is a common problem with the American profit system !! There are other practitioners out there who are willing and able to help without looking for such a high return to line their own pockets.

  • Hi David,

    Why worry about how much money she is making. You need to take the information she has and use it to heal yourself. It will not be inexpensive, but what is the alternative? Her book is only $18 and it's very good information. The lab tests and doctor visits may be another matter, but no matter where you get your information the situation will be the same.

    Come on this is your life we're talking about and a chance to feel better. Let's give it a try!

  • You wrote a book?

  • Give me a break!

  • That was a sincere question, I'm sorry.

  • I thought you were being sarcastic. Sorry. I write most of my posts on my smart phone. I should really do it on my PC as I would take the time to explain things more coherently.

  • it's ok! I was impressed:-) God knows how many things I have said to people that didn't come out the way I intended. My very first week on meds (so you know the brain fog was still deep and dark) I remember at dinner after my sisters Ph.D. ceremony the only thing I kept asking is if she wanted another glass or wine. The day before I must have asked 200 times if she had a ticket for me for a seat. PHEW. Good thing my family loves me. lol!

  • Hi Maryh1

    I bought the book written by Izabella Wenz "Hashimotos - The Root Cause" It is a lot to get through but very informative. Unfortunately I was a little put off by her recently as she is a strong advocate of camels milk, which is about £100 a gallon (slight exaggeration but you know what I mean)! I have done nearly everything she suggested other than the camel's milk, cut out gluten for starters. I have been using B12 sublingual drops and blood test always comes up top of the range. I haven't heard of pregnenolone and immediately thought oh no not another on an anti epilepsy drug for pain but seems not. At the moment I am seeing a functional medicine practitioner who is also a GP so will ask her opinion. Sorry to sound really old but I think Ms Wenz has youth on her side!

    Thanks for your post. Elaine

  • I think she does too (have youth on her side) but I think she mostly has good advice. Missed the camel milk part, lol. I've use pregnenolone. It's a hormone your body use to make. I took 200 mgs and it helped my memory enormously.

  • She has another book called the 90 day cure. I think it's a step by step instructions to healing yourself. I've read most of the things people need to do, but hopefully this will be more of a weekly to do list, that will help me get a bit more organized.

    I have tried various things with limited success. Doctors here in Denver are pretty clueless. Patients must educate themselves, then find a doctor that is willing to work with you; order tests, interpret lab results, prescribe medication, etc. You can't go to them and expect them to guide you. If you do your toast. It's very scary out there unless your capable of advocating for yourself.

  • Ptegnenolone is made from cholesterol in our diet - why we need good fats. It is a precursor to progesterone and dhea. Progesterone is precursor to aldosterone, and cortisol whilst dhea is precursor to sex hormones oestrogens and testosterone. Cortisol and thyroxine usually work in opposition. High cortisol and the body lowers production of thyroxine to slow things down. Too little cortisol and thyroxine often goes up to increase metabolism and help with digestion. It is all swings and roundabouts

  • You sound very smart like a doctor or chemist. Maybe I could come to you for medical advice?

  • yes ditto just what I wrote before I saw your post mary h with lovely hair and a pretty face

  • steenygirl I shall make an appointntment to come and see you

  • Haha! If only I was! Maybe I could have cured myself instead of trying to put the pieces together. I trained as a nurse many moons ago so I suppose I have a head start but it's a constant journey of discovery and I think science and particularly the medical profession knows very little really. I do know that nothing in the body works in isolation. Have you ever visited Dr Sarah myhill's website? It's certainly worth a look.

  • No I haven't, I'll take a look.



  • the laser too expensive for my barren purse sadly

  • Well I'm glad pettals because they don't work. Google laser comb+scam and don't waste your money x

  • Rapunzel I bought llaser comb from qvc a few year sago it conked out a week before the guartee wa s up I hardly used it and it didn't work I wa slucky I got a refund. it is either hashi or som einfection oor lyme or endocrine or autoimmune hey take my pick eh?

  • A heat lamp may help:

    Checking on fleabay, reflector clamp lamps with a 250W rating aren't really available on this side of the pond: most hang by a chain.

    For a non-DIY option there's:

  • Well, hun, androgenetic alopecia would be a matching autoimmune response if you have hashis. To my certain knowledge no amount of freaking gluten free camels milk gobsh*te will bring your hair back if you have AA.

    I'm getting ticked orf now and going on holiday or to my trailer; one or the other.

    Chin up bluepettals2 , we're still kicking x

  • I went on a 90 day thyroid repair program from a dr in Illinois.

    I was already dairy and gluten free, take vit d, b12, c. My hair did stop falling out. The hump on the back of my neck went away ( result of overprodution of cortisol, i think). Part of the program was Supplementing with enzymes, probiotics and natural anti inflammatories.

    I am still exhausted, not digesting food and still need probiotics, digestive enzymes.

    I may have other inflammatory problems. I think I have absorption problems and an unhealthy liver.

    Very intesting about the thyroid stem cells. My daughers tell me that they are learning about stem cells at school. What a blessing that would be to cure these diseases.

    Bottom line, it helped, but did not cure me unfortunately.

  • In the latest thyroid uk magazine, there was a lady who says she changed her diet and tried cold laser therapy and she no longer has to take medication. I was really excited to discover my local health care centre did cold laser therapy. I booked a consultation and unfortunately she only used it for pain relief and cuts etc. She did seem really interested that people used it for help with the thyroid though.

  • Bobby, I have a laser and it says quite specifically not to be used on the thyroid. I think the laser forces blood to an area.

    I have been reading that it is the lack of iodine that causes thyroid issues.

  • In some people, yes. In the UK and the USA, and many other countries, the diet is usually iodine replete. The most common cause in both the UK and the USA is Hashimoto's - autoimmune thyroid disease. Whereas in vast parts of the world, low iodine is a major issue.

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