The most ideal medical person

The most ideal medical person

I did write this for my own forum Sticky Blood-Hughes Syndrome Support, but felt to put it on here also!

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The most ideal medical person

I had to step in and help somebody recently that I dearly love, they had been feeling very very off colour, appearance very lack lustre, regularly feeling sick or being sick, loss of appetite or too much appetite etc. I was delighted to take them along to the nearest appropriate medical person, where their thyroid was very carefully examined, then blood tests done to look at levels of iron, B12 and also thyroid function tests.

The care and attention to get to the bottom of things was team work, the two of us agreed that the problem was a gluten/grain intolerance, even though they had been on a scientifically balanced diet for older pussy cats. The B12 came back a bit low, the thyroid was fine, but a grain intolerance suspected, with sensitive gut.

They would be requiring regular B12 injections. I was very relieved about the thyroid examination, both physical and with blood tests, which was fine. I was also delighted that my suggestion of daily probiotics was felt to be a very good idea.

The result of the new diet, blood tests and daily probiotics is, that my cat is very much better, despite being over the age of 16 - she is now looking ten years younger. She of course does not have feline Antiphospholipid Syndrome. But my point being is that before finding excellent medical care for myself in London and locally, I might have been better taking myself off to the local vets, as they are more likely to look at such issues.

She is now back to her usual robust and youthful self. This from a place of being at death's door only 3 weeks ago.


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  • Thank you for sharing - yes I agree vets are wonderful at dealing with those that cannot speak - so they have to consider clinical signs and symptoms. Maybe that is the lesson for us all - just visit the Doc and sit there purring and hope they come up with an answer for our ailments :-) Better still - we should go to the vet :-)

    I have a Hypo dog and she is lovingly cared for by our vet and we ( the vet and I ) always have very animated conversations about the thyroid in both humans and animals. I recently discovered that the Rabies vaccination can be one of the causes of Hashimotos in dogs :-) I suspect the gut again ....

    So glad your puss cat is back to good health after such a worrying time for you ....

  • Thanks, MaryFx

  • Are you sure it is the medication that's helping your moggy ? It looks like she is reaping the benefit of a tipple or two. Hic :-)

    Glad to see your beloved puss is feeling better. I am taking myself off to the vet I cant stop eating. purr purr x

  • Ha ha, yes. MaryF

  • Hi MaryF,

    I'm glad your cat is rallying. My sister's elderly Jack Russell monthly B12 jabs really perked her up during the last two years of her life.

  • it may well appear that endo's should be tought by vetinarians to know what they are doing ?? .....btw I am still going through cold-turkey about your whimsical posts -- when are you going to post an update ???

  • Writers block plus other ventures! MaryF

  • look forward to hearing about the ''OTHER VENTURES'' ....... oh what colourful things may come

  • The thing is, I know we pay for animal medical care but I'm not sure that even if you pay privately you could get that level of care for humans. Missed you of late Mary, like Alan I'll be agog waiting to hear what your other ventures could be. 🐈 (My little animal pictures were obviously not designed by a cat lover so you'll have to make do with a tabby, not that there's anything wrong with tabby cats)

  • That's it. Sorted. I'm going to the vet!!!!!

    Will obviously get more joy from them than the gp I have just seen!!!!!!

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