Me again need advice


I posted the other day about my free t4 being low and my tsh being 2.58

I saw a private gp to discover this. Her lab range starts at 12 my free t4 is 12.3 she suggested I could try out levothyroxine. After a bit of research in came across natural dessicated thyroid. I asked her if she can prescribe a natural alternative to levothyroxine she said of course

Is it wise if I'm not below 12 yet. I have chronic fatigue syndrome 7 years have been very horrible for me

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  • She commented saying since I have these symptoms I should try getting my free t4 up closer to the 20 mark

  • Fair enough, but it isn't the FT4 that is important, is it. It's the FT3. Your FT4 level can be excellent, but you can still be hypo because you're not converting the T4 into T3. So, beware of dosing by the FT4.

  • Ooh oknow my Ft3 was fine I think

  • *Oh no

  • The free t3 is 5.2 range goes up to 6.8 so that's fine ?

  • Depends how you feel. Could be higher.

  • I feel like utter crap I've had to start using a mobile scooter while out and I need to sit or lie down all the time feel spaced out almost always and just ill I have a young child and I don't want her to see her mum like this long term it's been 7 years all in

  • Well, the first thing to do is optimise your nutrients. Then see how your T3 is. Have you got the exact numbers, with ranges? If so, post them in a new question.

  • Thanks I just posted them I'm about to ask for a new blood test this week as the current levels in posted are from start of the year

  • Well, you don't really want to get below 12, do you! Nip it in the bud! And if you have a doctor that will prescribe NDT, go for it.

    But, beware. NDT isn't as natural as all that. It has to have additives to make it into a pill, and it's the additives that people usually react to, rather than the hormone itself.

    Also, NDT does not suit everyone. But, to find out if it suits you, you have to give it a fair trial on a high enough dose. Do not make the mistake of thinking that if you don't get instantly better on half a tablet, it isn't working! Half a tablet isn't a high enough dose.

    Also, for your body to be able to use thyroid hormone - especially NDT - you need to have all your nutrients optimal - not just in range. So, before you start NDT, get your vit d, vit B12, folate and ferritin tested, and supplement any deficiencies. They all need to be at least mid-range, except B12 which is optimal at 1000. :)

  • Thanks I know what my b12 is its 679 approx my vit d was definitely low at 32 my ferritin and follate are not high in the range either. Is there still bad side effects to ndt? Are u on it for life ?

  • You really need to improve vitamin d, ferritin and folate first, and especially if going to try NDT, it is very strong and can be more difficult to manage. It is also expensive.

    Why not try Levothyroxine first. The majority of patients do well on it. (About 70-80%) Plus you won't be outside NHS system (assuming you are in UK)

    For any thyroid hormones (our own or replacement) to work well, we need good levels of Vitamin D, b12, folate and ferritin.

    If you have the actual blood test results for these - post on here (with ranges) and members can advise. Put in a new post

    Did you also have thyroid antibodies tested? There are two sorts TPO and TG - if either or both are high above range this means autoimmune thyroid - called Hashimoto's - most common reason for being hypo.

    Thyroid Uk has lots more info

    Also if Hashimoto's -

  • Hi. Yes I had test for antibodies they in normal range . How much expensive is ndt. Can I just take the supplements along with it. ? I am into natural remedies that's why I wanted the ndt option. I'm not in nhs system for it they refuse to accept the private gp advice for me

  • You might find if you improve folate, ferritin, B12 and Vit D that you don't need Levo or NDT.

    I personally tried NDT (found it much worse than Levo for me) as I have Hashi and was very low Vit D (didn't know that at time)

  • How shall I go about that? I have been taking 2000 our vit d3 liquid and I don't take anything else reliably unfortunately would something like spatone help the ferritin ando follate or something like floravital

  • 2000IU of vitamin D isn't enough. You need to take 8,000IU a day for 12 weeks then take 5,000IU every other day. You want to get your vitamin D level up to 100nmol/L as that will help get rid of the CFS symptoms.

    With ferritin go and buy a packet of 84 ferrous fumarate and take 1 twice a day. Spatone is completely useless for raising ferritin levels in deficient people. Take it 4 hours away from thyroid meds plus take it 2 hours away from other supplements and food with either a vitamin C tablet or some orange juice. Thus us to avoid interactions. Then get retested 5-7 days after finishing the packet. If your level still not halfway through the range take one a day until you reach the 6 month mark. Again getting your ferritin level up will help to get rid of your CFS symptoms.

    Vitamin B12 take methycolbalmine lozenges either Solar or Jarrows.

    With folate take a good vitamin B complex.

    You can find everything you need on Amazon.

    You need to get an eye on your ferritin, folate, vitamin B12 and vitamin D levels for the rest of your life. With vitamin D get tested every October if you have no other symptoms regardless, however if you feel tired get them all retested. If you find you are having problems keeping say your ferritin level up then you must take a daily maintenance dose.

  • Good vitamin B complex - suggest you try Thornes Basic B - available on Amazon

    More expensive Vit b complexes have folate in rather than cheaper folic acid (which is apparently harder to break down)

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