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TSH results

Thank you everyone for helping me improve my knowledge on hypothyroidism. My confidence is returning slowly but surely, because at last, I feel listened to and understood by friends on this site..

I now persistently request a copy of my blood test results. As follows,

TSH 0.93 (0.27 - 4.20) taken 22/2/17

NB was taking 75 mcg levothroxine a day, at time of blood test and followed starve instructions here.

(Previously, I had taken 125 mcg for over 10 years).

Next day, advised start 100 mcg levothroxine a day because I was very fatigued. I had just had flu/wheezy chest and antibiotics and hospital phoned said my neutrophils and sodium low and needed another blood test.

I have another TSH test in 6 weeks.

I am also diagnosed with Sjogrens syndrome and took hydroxychloriquine for 4 months October 16 to February 17 before stopping them as suffering these infections made me feel worse.

Also, results 22/2/17 include,

serum folate 7.6 ug/L

B12 413 ng/L

Ferritin 66 ug/L

Serum creatinine 57 umoi/L

Serum urea 3 mmoi/L

Serum potassium 4.9 mmoi/L

Serum sodium 134 mmoi/L

Serum total25-hydroxy vitamin D level 57 nmoi/L

Bazillion count 0.04 10#9/L

Eosinophil 0.28. 10#9/L

Monocyte 0.66. 10#9/L

Lymphocyte. 2.22. 10.9#/

Neutrophil. 2.55. 10#9/L

Platelet. 2.22. 10#9/L

Mean corpusc. Hb conc (MCHC) 342 g/ L

Mean corpuscular volume (MCV) 84.8 fLoor

Haematocrit O.392 L/L original result: O.392 I/I (0.360 - 0.460)

Haemoglobin estimation. 134 g/ L

Red blood cell (RBC) count 4.62. 10#12/L

Total white cell count. 5.75. 10#9/L

Receptionist advised me no follow up action.

My meds daily now consist of levothyroxine 100 mcg a day prescribed. Fultium-D 800IU a day prescribed (GP reluctantly prescribed 6 months ago, when my blood result vit D was 49 and I discussed what I learned here. I feel this vitamin helps with my bone/joint pain). I buy vitamin C and take 500 mg a day.

I have successfully weaned off bisoprolol blood pressure tablets, atorvastatin for high cholesterol and cut codeine 30/500 to 8/500 and take approximately 2 tablets a day for pain in joints. I have been able to alter my meds and repeat prescription with my GP and consultant support because once again, I have become more confident since using health unlocked.

I monitor my own baseline observations and symptoms and work in partnership with health care providers. After 2 years of feeling seriously unwell I am no longer prepared to be a passive patient. I believe many of my issues have been due to side effects of drugs. I may be wrong and time may tell.

I just wonder does anyone on this site have any understanding of the current blood results? Any other advice? I am due to see my rheumatologist June. I have an appointment with an allergist team this month.

My horrific symptoms began after taking codeine 30/500 and gabapentin medication for 3 prolapse discs and sciatica 2.5 years ago. I had a full body rash and became very very unwell. Though I do understand other people do very well on meds I do not appear to tolerate. We are all different.

Thanking everyone for reading and supporting.

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Hi - well for a start it is impossible to tell what your thyroid is doing from Tsh alone, it really also needs ft4 and ft3 to properly assess. For nutrients, b12, folate, ferritin, vit d could you please supply ranges - the numbers in brackets - because labs differ, any interpretation without these would be only a guess. For instance I would guess that your vit d is still too low and 800iu is not even a maintenance dose, you really need at least 3000. That deficiency could be at least contributing to your joint pain.

As for the rest, again without ranges, any advise from anyone would be a guess.

Gillian xx


Thank you Gilian,

Unfortunately, I do not have the extra information.

I have been wondering if vit d was enough at 800iu. I will discuss the results with rheumatologist at my next appointment and see if he can help. Though, I am half expecting him to discharge me when he knows that I have stopped taking hydroxychloriquine. I am preparing myself for that response.

So long as I know what health issues I have I intend to learn everything I can and try to manage without prescription meds. Of course, levothroxine is a necessary daily med for hypothyroidism.

Sjogrens is new to me. I feel I am benefiting a lot through joining BSSA and now attend meetings. It is good to talk with other people who suffer and manage their symptoms and to get tips and advice on products that help.

As my knowledge base and confidence grows I will source vitamins and minerals to improve my health.

Best wishes to you. I appreciated your response.


These blood results are difficult to analyse without ranges - you are entitled to full printed copy of your own results - including the ranges. But folate & ferritin are probably slightly low. Range for folate is typically 10-40. Ferritin looking normally for a minimum of 70 when on Levo. B12 many need it over 500 & many of us find it better at high end of range. Good B complex might help

Vitamin D - most on Levo seem to need at higher end e.g. around 100 or higher.

Alternatively if you can't the face up hill battle with GP, like many of us you could arrange your own private full blood test about 6 weeks after increase in Levo

You need full thyroid testing - Ft3, Ft4, TT4, TSH and BOTH thyroid antibodies testing

Highly likely you have high antibodies (Hashimotos ) if you also have other autoimmune issues going on (Sjogrens)

If you have Hashimotos then poor gut absorption /gut infections or issues and usually gluten intolerance are extremely common - leading to low nutrients

Perhaps codene upset your gut in past ?

A very many of us with Hashimotos really find gluten free diet significantly reduces symptoms

Also need to check B12, folate, ferritin and vitamin D again (with ranges)

Medichecks or Blue horizon can do a test for all these - approx £99 - either DIY finger prick of blood draw at local private clinic for small fee

See following websites for more on Hashimotos & diet/gluten/gut

The thyroid secret

The thyroid pharmacist

Chris Kresser

Amy Myers

Link about Common gut infections


SlowDragon. You are very kind taking the time to reply with all that info. Thank you.

Yes, I do believe codeine was the trigger. Unfortunately, GP is uninterested when I mention digestive problems. This is why I came to healthunlocked. I am learning as fast as I can. People on this site are so helpful. So supportive! I am researching most days. I am convinced the answers will be in nutrition deficiencies.

I now have a few gluten free products working well. I take a probiotic, vitamin c, and vit d, thyroxine and paracetamol. All other meds I have stopped. GP reluctant to give me vit d but I convinced he. It was 49 not gone up a lot I told her optimum at 70 according to research, but she won't budge on increasing dose.

Today, I attended a talk by two eye specialists passionate about sjogrens. Ah. Yes. Vit d deficiency came up. I have been reading all afternoon. Vit d deficiency causes so.. many problems! Advised omega 3 and vit A too for eyes. (Problem of sjogrens - horrible for avid reader!). They also recommended B vitamins. Will be looking into and buying all of these vitamins - interested to note vit d is a hormone not a vitamin.

During my v unwell time when body rash awful dermatologist refer me for chemical testing. Found to be significantly allergic to metals cobalt nickel. This concerns me with b12 iron supplements. Given 2 pages not to eat and to eat. Also don't use cutlery pots pans kitchen handles coins lol... I am being realistic. Not getting paranoid. Use if no problem ok.

I will definitely ask rheumatologist to check thyroid antibodies as well as tsh t3 t4. If he won't do then I will go blue horizon. Meanwhile, I have app with allergist Thursday. GP refer 10 myths ago! After dermatologist suggested it! I just have one app after at Barts Dental London. Then I'm going much more self help! Well. With help on this site! Lol.

Once I feel more confident and in control I will change my GP.

Once again, many many thanks SlowDragon. I appreciate your time. Wishing you well.


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