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Thyrovanz NDT - Does anyone take?

Does anyone use Thyrovanz NDT? I am contimplating ordering this NDT and giving it a try. My Endo refuses to listen to me about wanting to try NDT. She tells me my "levels" are good. I tell her that I don't feel good. still have fatigue, high cholesterol, insommnia, anxiety, excess fat storage around mid section which I have never had in all my life. The Doctor will not listen to me! So thinking I'm going to take matters into my own hands and try Thyrovanz but would like to hear if anyone is using/has used this product and what their experiences have been while taking it.

My lastest blood test result are: TSH 1.69 (.035-4.00) Free T3 2.73 (2.30-4.20) Free T4 1.10 (0.89-1.76)

I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and Celiac Disease and have been doing my best with going gluten free. (sometimes slip-up)

Thanks in advance for your reply.

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never heard of that brand

if your going to be gluten free you must be totally vigilant as just a slip up can affect you for days has




vit d3

been tested .?

becos unless they are ALL AT LEAST HALFWAY in their ranges you cant utilise levo

my lot take thyroid-s pm me for a supplier

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This product has been mentioned several times here.

I believe that technically it is a dietary supplement (or whatever the official term) which contains unknown, undeclared levels of thyroid hormones.

Generally we reserve the term Natural Desiccated Thyroid for products which conform to standards for thyroid hormone content.

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I am vitamin D Deficient. I take vit D supplement 1000 IU. all others are o.k.

presumably the new New Zealand NDT then i heard about

i dont think vit d deficiency on its own is responsible for not responding to levo

do you take any other meds like anti depressants or PPIs ,oral birth control etc

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Yes. The only other meds I take are for anxiety. It was getting really bad so the Dr. Prescribed. I thought once my thyroid levels got strait that the anxiety would subside but I still take the meds because still have anxiety.

It should go away on the right meds. Have you got copies of the vitamin tests? OK is not good enough. Nor is believing the doctor when he says "normal". We need better than "normal".

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If you are taking Levothyroxine you should consider taking one of the prescription strength NDT brands rather than a supplement like Thyrovanz.


I have asked my doctor about switching me to NDT but her response was "no because you don't know what's in it". I am currently taking Synthroid 112 mcg. She said my levels are good and she will test me again in 6 months. Even though I explained to her that I don't feel "good".


Armour, NatureThyroid, WP and NP are listed in the US national formulary so of course the content is listed. Your endo only has to look it up.

If you want to buy NDT without a prescription send me a PM.

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I would, very much! Please PM me Clutter :-)

Welcome to the forum, Abi-Abster.

Please write your own post requesting NDT and members will respond via private messages. Members are more likely to share sources if a new member gives some background about their thyroid illness and includes recent thyroid results and ranges.

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A stupid statement from your doctor which demonstrates the ignorance we all face from the medical "industry". My response would have been to say that I know exactly what is in levothyroxine, a single synthetic chemical invented by scientists a mere 50 years ago that keeps me alive but will never make me well. I also know the make-up of NDT which is a collection of natural hormones created and perfected by Mother Nature over perhaps more than 50 MILLIONS of years to be precisely what is needed to save my life AND give me decent health. The selection of hormones is simply not, unfortunately, the human version of those hormones, but that of a pig which most closely resembles the actual product that our bodies are deficient of.


Exactly! Amen!


Read here about the interpretation of thyroid labs (it was not until I read this that I understood why I never felt good, no matter how much thyroxine I was taking, although doctors kept telling me I was "optimally treated"...).

I have switched from prescription NDT drugs Armour and Erfa (both problematic, Armour after being reformulated a few years ago, Erfa for unknown reasons after production was moved from Belgium to Spain) to Thai NDT drug Thyroid-S. There are three Thai brands of NDT available, all OTC: Thyroid-S, Thiroyd, and TR TMan. I have tried all three and they all work well, although I feel a little more stable on Thyroid-S which is why I decided to stay on it. The advantage of Thai NDT, compared to products such as Thyrovanz, is that they contain standardized amounts of thyroid hormone; Thyroid-S and TR both contain 38 mcg of T4 and 9 mcg of T3 per grain (60 mg), and Thiroyd contains 35 mcg of T4 and 8 mcg of T3 per grain.

In my opinion, Thai NDT is an excellent alternative to prescription NDT drugs. They are also much cheaper.


Thanks for this useful information. How much is it? I live in USA.

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+/- 100 USD for a bottle containing 1000 pills (each pill is 60 mg or 1 grain of NDT).


Before you go 'off piste' self treating with NDT I would suggest that you may just need an increase in your levo. Is there any chance that this doctor would be willing to give you more?

Both FT4 and FT3 are low in range, even though your TSH is quite close to optimal. That suggests to me that your TSH isn't really reflecting the state of the Free hormones. An increase will lower TSH but will increase the hormones you need.

Its not easy dealing with doctors once you start self medicating with NDT. Your TSH will be suppressed by the T3 in the medicine. So your doctor will panic and reduce the levo, and get very excited if you tell her you are taking NDT. As someone who has had to deal with all that for a long time because I don't convert levo to T3, I can tell you that if an increase in levo will do the trick it is well worth trying that first.


I did try Synthroid 125 mcg but was getting heart palpitations. So went down to 112 mcg. Don't get heart palps anymore. Doctor said based on my levels I don't have a conversion problem. I don"t know why I still have issues but I have been taking Synthroid for 16 years. Only in last 3years having problems. This is why I thought a change to NDT might help??

Most likely if raising levo caused palpitations, NDT will do the same. It might help. But you don't really have any evidence that it will. You have some evidence (raised levo caused palps) that it won't.

Do you have test results from 5 or so years ago, well before it seemed to stop working?

You have Hashi's and coeliac disease. So the likelihood of malabsorption is quite high. There is also a raised likelihood of further autoimmune disease and many have very similar symptoms to hypothyroidism.

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In 2013 I was feeling really bad so I went to the ER my TSH was 10.820 (0.46-4.98), T4 7.40 (4.5-12.0) Total T3 125.56 (87.00-178.00) . I was taking Synthroid at that time I believe I was on 75 mcg or 100 mcg. (can't remember) . It was after this when I finally consulted with an Endocronologist. She is the one who diagnosed me with Hashimotos and Celiac. My GP had never tested me for these before. I didn't even know that I had an autoimmune disease since I first was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism in 2001. GP just told me I had hypo and had to be on medication for rest of my life.

When you are coeliac you can not fall off the wagon. I know it is difficult but any ingestion of gluten has an effect on our entire system.

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Hello Clair! I use Thyrovanz! It's NDT made of Bovine thyroid glands, manufacturers in New Zealand. I take 100 mg daily,which is equivalent to 1 grain,or to 65 -60 mg of porcine NDT. It's in capsules . I am happy with this NDT. I switched from Canadian ERFA NDT. It's not costly at all :300 capsules

Cost $76 American dollars. Web side:Thyrovanz .com

They have 50 mg,100,150 mg

I hope,this information will be

Helpful to you,



Thank you. I have been contimplating switching to NDT but am a little hesitant. So thanks for your feedback. Did you switch from using synthetic Levothyroxine?

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