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help please. feeling awful every time i take my NDT

Ive got hashimotos. been on 3.5 grains of ERFA for 4 years, stable most of the time. then 2 months ago had bad batch of ERFA and started feeling hypo. tried to increase to 4 grains to see if it would help but it didn't. felt worse and worse. had blood 2 weeks ago and free t3 and free t4 were right at top of range. decided to stop NDT for 3 days and felt better. tried it again and was in so much pain within hours in my legs, kept me up all night. stopped agin for a few days pain went away but now every time i try even i grain i feel awful again with leg and body aches deep inside me keeping me awake. never had this before, has anyone else? don't understand whats going on! nothing else has changed. I've even tried a different brand of NDT. it feel sot me like my body cant tolerate NDT at moment, maybe the t4, or t3 or both? anyone have any ideas whats going on and what i should do? don't want to become ben more hypo...

strangely my balsa temp is 36.8 which indicates im not hypo..

my TPO is still over 1000 as it has always been so i am still having an ongoing attack...could this be something to do with it? inflammation? could i be having a hashi attack?

all my other bloods were fine all vits and mins that are important well within range. am also on 27.5 mg HC for adrenals and have been for almost 2 years. cant see that i need more....

the one other thing on my blood test that was low was sex hormones, oestriol , progesterone and testosterone, despite me being on natural HRT, sandrena gel and uterogestan and testosterone gel. could this be affect things?

any advice would be great. do i just stop my NDt for good? do we sometimes not need it anymore? my Bp is around 118/58 and pulse between 58 and 68.


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Flissp, click on the down arrow to the right of Recommend and select Edit. When you're done click on the orange Edit response button. You can also use the drop down Delete button to delete your replies.

I can't advise about Erfa or adrenals but other members will later.


thanks done that


Hi I have discovered they both Erfa and armour have changed their formula. Proved it conclusively to myself. I am having to change to naturethiroid.



yes i have tried NP thyroid which has no problems reported still the same. am desperate for someone to reply with some advice...any ideas?


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