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Hi All,

Thought I'd pass on this information. I've noticed a new? brand of food grade NDT on the market: 'Thyrovanz'. It's in capsule form, from New Zealand cattle. It's classed as food grade, so no prescription needed. I know there are other brands out there e.g. 'Thyrogold' and 'Nutrimeds'. So I guess Thyrovanz is on a par with those.

Here'a their website for anyone that's interested:


3.8.16 P.S. Since writing this post, I have found another whole thyroid glandular to add to the list:

'Metavive' by Procepts. They do porcine and bovine whole thyroid glandulars and are manufactured and sold in the UK:

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It hasn't established the ratios of hormones in its product and doesn't look like it's willing to.

Nice website though. x

I have sent an email to ask the question.Think Thyroid gold is sourced from NZ cattle.

I don't think they're able to make a statement about how much of each hormone is in each capsule because the capsules contain whole desicated thyroid and therefore the ratios of hormones may vary from batch to batch. The hormones in food grade NDT aren't extracted and therefore ratios controlled like prescription NDT. But that's just my impression anyway, I maybe wrong.

You may well be correct.

I have had a reply and you are spot on .It is food grade but contains all the hormones and calcitonin.

I don't think that any prescription desiccated thyroid product has the thyroid hormones extracted. (There have, historically, been products referred to as desiccated thyroid extract but none remain.)

One of the major problems is that we have no idea if the company manages the thyroid hormone content at all. One of the big issues in the early days of desiccated thyroid was that the source thyroids varied in potency, especially by time of year. One of the reasons that all the prescription products are based on porcine thyroid is that the thyroid hormone levels don't vary anything like as much through the year as in bovines, ovines and others. So if they do not control the levels, and it is bovine, we can expect something of a roller-coaster of thyroid hormone levels.

Makes sense.Yet often on this site Dr Lowe is quoted and the Thyroidgold his widow supplies which is from NZ cows!

It is I believe as they've never had a case of CJD.

(Treepie, I think we have the same endo! :D)

Not sure i have an endo at the present! I wrote to the first one i saw saying i thought he had alot to learn amongst other things. But i suspect the GP put the mockers on me inthe referral.

I then went to an endo privately who ruled out many things but agreed to prescribe Armour which i have not tried. Just started NDT with Thyroid S .Seem a bit more tired but not taking the equivalent of the levo as starting slow.

Ah, I think it's the same private endo. I've just started NDT too, also slowly...just waiting now...

H x


Dr's name deleted by admin as per guideline #25.

Yes! :D

Gosh ! It is some months now since i saw him. I found that my symptoms improved no end during the summer after which. put off starting NDT .But winter has brought a detioration in my balance( which he reckoned was alcohol related) and my legs have become heavy again on first getting out a chair.

At the last Thyroid UK conference i met two people who said NDT had improved their balance.

I wish my balance would improve! :(

Mine did during two weeks in the very hot Canaries last May ,started to get worse again in December.

Leverette- could it be B12 ?

My blood tests are ok, & I have plenty of it. :)

....needs to be around 1000 :-)

Oh, no! :(

Giggling at the thought of his face when he read your letter Teepie

I contacted this company yesterday, & asked how much T3 & T4 were in their product. They replied very quickly, but I wasn't impressed that they wouldn't or couldn't tell me, so won't be buying their stuff.


There are two posts above which give the reasons.I suppose you could say it depends on the cow!

i thanked the person who replied and said it had been mentioned on a website. Then received the reply: " ........were often an alternative for people who either can't get a prescription for NDT or who respond more favourably to the less ingredients we have on average.". Eh?

I've just ordered some of these, so I'll let you know how I get on

Shiaz I am wondering how you are doing on the Thyrovanz???

I'm doing just fine on them thank you @decieved! They appear to suit me well - just ordered another 2 bottles actually. The only down side is that when they arrive here, the darn post office clobber me with a customs fee! :( Hey ho, it's still worth it :)

Has Thyrovanz gotten the blood work levels optimal?

That I don't know yet as not due for a test just yet. All I can say is that I feel a lot better in myself than I did. :)

How many are you taking a day? What was your NDT dose?

I have the 300mg dose, 1 a day.

what were you on before this..i just read about these....interesting

I did yesterday and my levels are good. They say my t3 may be high but they are in range. But he still Prescribed me Synthroid with a T3 added not sure why

Any feedback on how your experience went?

in usa, they are not allowed to state the hormone content or they can be closed down since they are no prescription meds, the only way they can sale is stating it is a supplement product which is the reason they are so private about the ingredients but they do hint when they say that if you are already on ndt, then start with the same grains you are on now......

Hi All, if you're finding the customs duty etc and lead times too long to wait for the importation of Thyrovanz, maybe try 'Metavive' by Procepts? They do porcine and bovine whole thyroid glandulars and are manufactured and sold in the UK:

legally in usa...they can sale without a prescription as long as they do no claim to be a medicine and post the t4 and t3 etc that it has in it...if they do, they lose their license to sale without a prescription since they are licensed to sale it as a whole food product only. It is the pharmaceutical industry controlling natural supplements that they can not sale exclusively and make the profit. father in law was just started on this....and doing well and I thought about trying this but don't know how much I need if I am on 2 grains of nature throid now...

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