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Labs-ready for comments and your wisdom

Hello all-53 yd old female dx with hypothyroid 8/16. Been reading posts and waiting for a series of labs so I could post and ask for guidance. Please comment on labs given my meds: started Naturthroid 32.5mg 1x/day 11/7/16, then increased to Naturthroid 2x/day 12/20/16. No negative onset of symptoms w starting NT. Started testosterone cream (apply vaginal) on 11/1 was overprescribed (I was ramped up, wanted to clean and argue with people all the time), then put on normal amount by 12/9 labs. Estriadol patch 0.05 2x/wk. Progestrone oral 100mg 1x/day at bedtime.

Ongoing symptoms: extreme lair loss, weight gain with no decrease, constipation, bloating, low libido, low appetite, recently getting moody/sad again a bit. Energy better, brain fog minimal, no more hot flash, sleep good.

I work with a great gyno who is giving me supplements, managing the NT, estradiol and progesterone. My endo deferred to my gyno to manage the thyroid issues since gyno is well respected in these areas. I see her again this Tuesday and hope to bring your comments to my appointment.

Here are my labs:

1/20/17(w 2x/day NT regimen), 12/9/16(w 1x/NT/day) 10/28/16(pre NT, and T cream)

FSH serum 15.7 19.9 Not tested

Progesterone 2.2 Not tested 1.1

(taking oral progesterone 100mg 1x/day at bedtime)

Estradiol 75.5 383.5 10.6

(using estradiol patch 0.05mg change 2x/week)

Ferritin 27 not tested not tested

Trilodothyronine Free Serum

2.8 2.9 3.0

Reverse T3 11.1 12.1 1.1

Cortisol am 15.9 not tested not tested

TSH 1.810 2.700 3.880

Free T4 0.82 0.98 1.06

Testosterone Serum:

<3 11 4

Testosterone Direct:

1.1 0.8 1.0

DHEA 73 93 102


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We could do with some ranges to help with suggestions ! Also where are the results for B12 - Folate - VitD ??

FT3 looks low even without ranges !


Thank you, Marz.

10/28/16 B12 995 Folate 18.0 Vit D 49.8

I take Vit D and B daily now as part of supplements. Helped my energy a lot. Sorry, I see no FT3 results to share.

Keep those comments coming :)


Still no ranges 😊 Were you supplementing when you had tests for the above. Are you UK based ?


Hello Marz-

Yes, I was taking supplements (since 8/2016) and am based in the USA.

FT3 1/20/17 2.8, 12/20/16 2.9, 10/28/16 3.0 all listed in normal range of 2.0-4.4.

Labs listed in normal range with exception of testosterone serum.

Here are the ranges for reference:

FSH serum listed as normal, no range given

Progesterone listed as normal, no range given

Estradiol listed as normal, no range given

Ferritin listed as normal, range 15-150 though I read this should be 70-90 for hair growth

T3free listed as normal, range 2.0-4.4

Reverse T3 listed as normal, range 9.2-24.1 (I read watch for Reverse T3 being elevated causes problems)

Cortisol listed as normal, range 6.2-19.4

TSH listed as normal, range 0.450-4.500

T4Free/Direct listed as normal, range 0.82-1.77

Testosterone serum listed as low, range 3-41 (this read is from after I stopped given the overdose amount prescribed, may need to now be adjusted up?)

Testosterone Free listed as normal 1.1, range 0.0-4.2

DHEA listed as normal, no range given

Hope this is helpful and thank you :)

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Supplementing B12 will skew any test results you have. Are you taking a B complex with all the B's or B12 on its own ? If taking B12 alone then it would be good to also take a good B Complex. Am assuming the D test was measured in ng/L so your result could do with a boost to reach 60 ng/L. Check out Grassroots Health and look at their charts and levels of D required to prevent disease ....

It's your FT3 level that seems LOW as mentioned earlier .... as it is the ACTIVE thyroid hormone and needed in EVERY cell of your body. Currently you do not have enough to go around and so the symptoms appear ....


Thank you for giving the ranges you have. Ranges in the U.K. differ from lab to lab and are also very different to the USA. A a rough guide and just looking at your FT3 as that is the most important one, it must be at least have way up the range and ideally in the top third or even top quarter and yours doesn't make half way! So I think you could benefit from and increase. Vitamin D and ferritin need to be higher but B12 ok. Vit D needs to be taken with K2 and with the fattiest meal of the day as it is far soluble.

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Thank you, Silverfox. I realize my post was confusing. The formatting of data changed when I hit' send' , and now it is a jumble and a burden for others to sort through. I will do a new post and present data in format I see others use. Newbie error.

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