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Shaking on right side


I've had hashimotos for approx 10 years and am currently being treated with 100mcg of levothyroxine and 20mcg of liothyronine and feel fine from that. However last year around March, possibly before I started the T3, I noticed, on occasion, if I had to stand still for any length of time, my right leg would start shaking. This happened on and off all last year but now, in the last month, it has graduated to full on tremor, but on the right hand side of my body. I also get (I think) peripheral neuropathy on the left hand side of my body (especially in my toes alternating with bouts of pain). At yoga the other day, my whole body shook. When I was at my feamle doc I mentioned this to her and she had no idea! I'm going to go and see my own doctor that I see for thyroid issues and hope he can help.

My husband thinks that I'm taking too much magnesium (I take 500mg of magnesium glycinate a day) and I wondered myself if my calcium-magnesium was out of balance as I don't think I eat enough calcium. I'm really not keen to stop taking it as if I reduce my dose I get terrible cramps in my feet and constipation gets really bad.

My B12 levels are mid range at 512 last testing (although that was a few years ago so I obviously need to get that done again). I'm going to ask for blood tests for B12, folate and iron when I go - but can the doctor test calcium levels? Is there anything else I can do?

Many thanks


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Recent thyroid blood test results:

TSH 0.03

Free T4 14.2

They haven't given the reference ranges for these

Total T3 - 1.9 (0.9 - 2.5)


If you are supplementing B12 - your test results will be skewed. Look at the link below and scroll down to view the Neurological Signs of B12 Deficiency ..... Check the Folate level - that needs to be mid-range and it works with B12 in the body. Raised Homocysteine can indicate Low B12.



Hi Marz

I'm not supplementing B12 - it seems to make my foot pain worse (that and vitamin C).

Thanks for link



Have you been tested for B12 ? If you have neurological pain/peripheral neuropathy - from LOW B12 - then the pain you experienced when you started to supplement was a possible awakening of the nervous. B12 is involved in the myelin sheath that protects the nerve so levels need to be optimal.

Please read the link - loads of information ....


Not been tested for ages. They seem to do one test, then refer to it for years afterwards! I read the list of symptoms and yes, have a lot of them. I really thought I had Parkinsons!



Then it is time for a test. Am afraid it is up to us to chase these things and take control. Docs not interested in Vitamins and Minerals :-( Also have your Folate tested - as B12 and B9 work together in the body .....


Will do Marz thanks - booked in for appointment next week

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