Magnesium intolerance

I wonder can someone help.

I have tried every type of magnesium and also tried the flakes with baking soda. Whenever I take magnesium I get headache and constant urination aswel as a fuzzy mind. I also have to take calcium tabs (Calchichew) for slightly low levels. I also take vit d3 2000ius every day. I know I need magnesium but at a loss at whats happening. Think I remember reading somewhere that it can affect the adrenals. Oh and an administer on the vit d site on facebook told me to ditch the calcium.

Any ideas appreciated

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  • Magnesium can be absorbed through the skin. Some Epsom salts in your bath or you can make this Homemade Recipe:

    Others will respond re Calcium etc.

  • Thank you Shaws. Will definitely try this. Hope I can tolerate it.!!!

  • Magnesium helps smooth muscle relax, smooth muscle includes the gut and vascular system. Headache often occurs when the veins in the head open up, so this could be how the magnesium causes them. Also the detrusor muscle in the bladder will relax when magnesium enters its cells causing you to pee. However, this shouldn't really happen. The effects of the magnesium should be too small to notice. Have you been advised to take magnesium by a doctor? You should seek medical advice before taking magnesium if you suffer from hypotension (low blood pressure) or any kidney disorder.

    Note that blood tests for magnesium are pretty useless. A serum ionised magnesium will show up problems in cases of substantial magnesium deficiency but on the whole the serum levels are not useful.

  • Hi jimh. I am taking vitamin D and was advised to take magnesium and k2 as they all work together. Doctor hasn't advised me though.

    Had magnesium test done it was just the serum test. Think it came back at 0.75 think the cut off range was 1.

    I also take calcium tablets so maybe I'm having having an imbalance of some sort.

    Thanks for reply

  • A serum magnesium assay is only of (limited) use if it is ionised magnesium. Total serum magnesium is of no use, there is no link between total and ionised levels. Unfortunately many assays only offer total magnesium. If your level was 0.75 and the lower limit of the refence interval (cut-off) was 1.00 then this is very low and should be investigated by your doctor.

  • Just checked results to be sure.

    Serum mag 0.75mmol/l

    Range 0.7-1

  • That's interesting, my blood pressure low and I have a problem taking magnesium. I was given mag by private doc after RED CELL MAGNESIUM test, which is said to be better than the normal ones done by nhs.

  • To me magnesium oil/lotion works for best. Burns a bit if I take a brake, but said on the label that it is due to lack of magnesium.

  • Can you tell me which one you're using? Thanks for replying

  • The brand I am now using does not seem to exist anymore, but it is identical with BetterYou magnesium oil. Strong magnesium lotion I use as well is made in Finland so I doubt that is available elsewhere.

    BetterYou costs a bit, but I find it highly effective.

  • Thank you so much Justiina. Will try and find this now.

  • I hope it works for you :)

  • Hi Are you sure you need calcium and magnesium? Have you had blood tests for both?


  • Yes calcium low and mag 0.75 range 0.7-1 so just slightly above

  • Hi I would not take either unless recommended by GP with frequent bloods done.magnesium has a very small range and calcium in normal range is best.


  • Hi Jackie my doc prescribed the calcium it has added d3. I just took mag as its recommended to help absorption with d3. Maybe I dnt need it just thought my result was bit low in range. Thanks for replying

  • Hi Calcium is taken with D if below range but D normally pushes up the calcium. I should ask for another calcium test.


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