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New Blood Test Resuts

Hi just had new blood tests today from endo please can someone help interpret T3 5.1 (3.5-6.5) T4 14.4 (9-24) TSH 0.03 (0.35-5.0) Cholesterol 6.2 first time I have ever been given the ranges because I asked for them. I am on 250mg levo and 60mg lio am feeling pretty good since I began to optimise the thyroid meds by taking them about 6 am and not eating breakfast until 9 am I have maintained a 3.5 stone weight loss over the last 3 years. I sleep well but do take antidepressant have done for 45 years energy good have hiatus hernia so can't tolerate Addcal but am ok with vitamin D 3000 twice a day and increasing calcium through diet. I do have oestioporosis but no dramatic worsening over last three years The only other problem I have is nerve damage in the lower spine which I am given thermal de-nervation day surgery yearly works really well and have full mobility but still have to take pain killers. Other meds are simvastatin B100 complex selenium + zinc Vit E Vit K2 and evening primrose oil. Your thought would be very Welcome

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That's a huge dose of levo! It's very doubtful that your body is holding onto all that, it's probably excreting most of it, so it's a bit of a waste of money. Has your doctor continued to raise it because your FT4 was low? Big mistake, because the body only holds onto as much as it needs, and if you are taking adequate T3 - which you probably are - it doesn't need much at all.

You don't want Adcal for osteoporosis, anyway. Calcium is only one of the nutrients needed for strong bones. Vit D3 and magnesium are far more important. However, when taking vit D3, it increases the absorption of calcium from food. So, you should really be taking some vit K2, to make sure that calcium gets into the bones and teeth, rather than the soft tissues, like the heart and kidneys.

You should not be taking statins. It is not recommended for hypos. High cholesterol is a symptom of low thyroid. But, if even if it weren't, high cholesterol is not the problem they make it out to be (in order to sell statins!), it will not cause a heart attack or a stroke. Cholesterol is an essential nutrient, made in the liver. You do not want it to go too low, because no cholesterol means no hormones!

You probably don't need the antidepressant anymore, either. Depression is a symptom of low thyroid. Even if you had depression long before you were diagnosed, you've probably been hypo for a lot longer than you imagine, too.

Have you had your ferritin, vit B12 and folate tested? They are very important for your well-being, too. :)


#greygoose Thanks I have asked many endos many time why am I taking so much T4 with little or no response the best one was "you need it as a background hormone"

I did come off the statins a while ago but my cholesterol went up to 9 and the GP said I had to go back on it, even the endo said this time she would prefer me to up the dose trouble is I'm scared by the thought of a heart attack but am convince I would be better without it. I was reading up about Alzheimer's as my dad has it and discovered statins could be a culprit. But how high is safe for my cholesterol to be?

I did read on this site about K2 and am now taking it although I mentioned it to the consultant and he just turned his nose up.

I have tried Magnesium several times and it always seems to upset my stomach so struggle with that one.

Would love to come off the antidepressants but again am scare of going back to the dark side as I have been so well the last few years I have not attempted comming off it for a long time but may pluck up the courage.

Thanks for all your help


It's very rare to find an endo that really knows anything about thyroid. That was a pretty lame response you got there! lol True, it is a 'background' hormone - or rather a 'back-up' hormone - but I'm pretty sure you don't need it in such vast quantities.

Doctors want you to be on statins because they get funding points for prescribing it. Nothing to do with concern for your health, in most cases. They don't even know anything about cholesterol. Your cholesterol is high because your T3 is not optimal FOR YOU. It will go down in time without statins. But, cholesterol does not cause heart attacks or strokes, so it doesn't matter about it going high. I'm afraid I can't answer your question about how high is 'safe', because no-one has ever convincingly described the dangers. But, high cholesterol is better than low cholesterol, because low cholesterol can cause a heart attack. So can statins.

Consultants know nothing about nutrition. Their attitude to it all is 'it's just a vitamin'. They have no idea what vitamins do, nor what a deficiency does. Ignore him.

Taking magnesium tablets doesn't agree with everyone. But, you could always try magnesium oil rubbed on the skin. Or 20 minutes in an Epsom Salt bath.

Antidepressants are a bit of a sticky subject. And no-one can tell you what to do, there. It's entirely down to how you feel about it. I'm just saying that depression is a hypo symptom. :)

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I do the magnesium oil rubber when my DH rash. Normally I take magnesium powder in the evening with my Gut Relief powder mixed with water before my meal. That is working for me at present.

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#bonnyaus Thanks might try the oil


Taking a PPI will lower your B12. Do you know your level ?


#Marz no they have not tested my B12 I am not showing any signs as yet, may ask the endo to test next time but I have to remind her to do the cholesterol otherwise she leaves it off so not sure if she will agree last time I saw her I asked her if it was worth testing anti bodies and she said no we know you have them and treatment would just be the same.


Not remembering where you put the car keys is a sign 😊

I would rather take care of my B12 than worry about cholesterol.


#Marz Ideally I would like to come off the statins and the PPI however I am feeling really good at the moment I don't want to rock the boat as I am my looking after my 95 year old dad at present who has Alzheimer's and cancer and need to be on top form. as for memory it's pretty good

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