Can I ask if these levels look ok I feel like crap everyday since august, I have complete exhaustion and housebound, from an active person

Hi can I ask if these results are ok , I have felt like crap since second week of august I'm housebound now with complete exhaustion everyday , previously I was a very busy active person

Ft3 5.8

Ft4 17.9

Tsh 1.6

Parathyroid 1.1

Cortisol 450 taken at 11.30 am

My active b12 was normal in sept and ferritin , vit d is normal , I've just ordered saliva cortisol test

Thank you

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  • Irishbo517,

    Do you have the ref ranges for the results (the figure in brackets after results)?

    Have you seen the ferritin, vit D and B12 results? There's normal and there's optimal.

  • Hi they are nhs tests with no ranges on dr just quickly glanced and said all fine , I'm not back with endocrinologist till February and I'm so fed up of been exhausted, I've cancelled Christmas this year I'm just to tired partake which kills me

  • Irishbo517,

    TSH 1.6, FT4 17.9 and FT3 5.8 are usually euthyroid. FT3 is particularly good. The levels don't indicate thyroid dysfunction.

    I can't tell whether PTH is good or bad without the ref range.

    I would ask your GP receptionist for the results of ferritin, vitamin D and B12. Normal is an opinion, not a result. Most doctors say anywhere within range is normal whereas most of us know that where in range the result is matters.

  • I agree with the results about Ferritin levels etc. When they tell you normal, there are several ranges. I had to question my sisters "normal" reading and it transpired it is on the low side of normal and subsequently she is now on a iron supplement.

    As receptionists will tell you at the Dr's "I am not medically trained", they are only reading from a script, I would always double check with the dr.

    Regarding your free T3 and T4, Your T4 results look normal if they are in the same range as me, but your T3 looks a little high compared to mine. Your TSH are higher than mine, but mine are naturally suppressed as I do not make any hormone naturally. I have not got a working thyroid, only a partial one which has never worked. I would always check with the GP/Dr if not happy.

    Vitamin D, anaemia and B12 are similar traits to underactive thyroid and can (not always) go hand in hand with thyroid issues. Causing the same symptoms.

    Hope you can get it sorted.


  • Hi thanks for reply , what does high mean as in regards to symptoms im not panicking just intregued , could it be why I'm so drained

  • I would ring and ask for the Dr to call you to discuss the results. Sometimes you can have too much medication which supresses your natural TSH levels, I would ask for the ranges on the T4 and T3 and what they should be on the TSH levels.

    Regarding symptoms, when you have anaemia or B12 deficiency the fatigued and zombie feeling is similar if you not having enough medication.

    Basically if the Dr says you are on the right levels and ranges, then ask about your ferritin levels if they have been checked, or whether they can be tested.

    If you get any hassle from the receptionist about talking with the GP, then remind her she is not medically trained and as a patient you have a right to talk with your GP about your health. It works every time.

    Let us know how you get on.


  • Your serum ferritin can be normal(20-150) for woman, (12-300for a guy)but it's your saturation (stored) level which is important.

  • Il ring up tomorrow and ask , thanks for replying i just need to get to bottom of it

  • Hi Irishbo517 - I found with my GP that he had 2 possible ways of printing out the blood test results. He preferred 'the pretty, easy to read' one which produced a nice one page table but had no references. (I quote him!) However, if you ask yours to print out the results with ranges, you'll probably find it's possible. I do this now - more sheets of paper but more information. Good luck!

  • Thank you il ask them today , it's a nightmare googling everything

  • I'm not back with endo till February so it's a long wait to feel so crap, I suffer with a lot of them symptoms, thanks for your advice

  • Either low or high cortisol (a problem with your adrenal glands) will block the T3 receptors which are necessary for T3 to work.

  • I definitely think this is an adrenal problem from a functioning human one week to a bedridden mess the next after the most hurrendous week of anxiety and panick , thanks for this info

  • Yes, if you look at the links below, you can also look up adrenal problems. The saliva test is one of the best although T3 uptake is mentioned. Adrenals are very treatable.

    I always felt that adrenals started a lot of us on the road to hypothyroidism as they are closely connected. If you really want to learn, watch Dr. Bergmans videos on you tube.

  • My adrenal test arrived in the post today I know it sounds sad but I'm excited for the results

  • Knowledge is power. Let us know.

  • Ferritin is important, the serum takes oxygen around the body but if you are unlucky and have inherited ?Heamachromatosis (iron overload) a condition where the body is unable to get rid of excess iron, it will collect in your liver-cirrhosis/cancer your spleen, pancreas joints brain etc....GP's are very bad at recognising thus condition and even worse at getting you the treatment which is simple and blood-venesection- until you reach the correct ferritin level...oh yeh, your hair starts to fall out and guys have problems in the bedroom department.

  • Hi I'm a carrier for Heamachromatosis , I've had a few high iron levels in past readings and I'm waiting for a fibro scan on my liver the 28th this month because my liver function is high plus bilirubin , it's a pity the drs don't put it all together and try and resolve it rather than say your normal and feel like shit everyday

  • Irish, whenever I see FT3 which appears to be high in the range and yet still having symptoms, look at these links.

  • If the units are what I think they are, you look ok on thyroid. But I would suggest you always post both units and ranges with your result.

    Have you had a CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Profile)? That might contain clues. I would especially want to know what your protein levels (albumin, globulins, total) are.

  • My albumin is 55,globins 25 total protein is 80 , my liver functions are up and kidney function down , I don't drink and I'm a slim build who eats healthy

  • Not sure what those units are. E.g. in the U.S., total protein is measured in g/dl with a normal range of about 6.2-8.3.

  • So I got my lab ranges

    Tsh 1.60 0.30 -5.50

    Ft3 5.8. 0.0- 7.0

    Ft4 17.9. 11.5-22.7

    Parathormone 1.1. 1.1 -6.9

    Free thyroxine 16.9. 8 -21

    Magnesium 0.95 0.7 -1

    Iron saturation 38%

    Serum folate 15.80 3.9 -26.8

    Ferritin 97. 30. -400

    B12 1243. 200-770

    Do these look ok to everyone, I'm still feeling awful , completely exhausted daily , thank you

  • Irish, I'm not sure if people are seeing your post since it is in this older thread. I suggest you post this separately but you can compare your results with these.

  • Thank you

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