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Cortisol saliva test results MediChecks pls help

I have got back my cortisol 24 hrs test back.

Before bed 1.5nmol/L range 0.00-1.99 (says in comment it’s within normal range)

Cortisol 16:00 3.910 nmol/L range (o.00-5.49 says in comments it’s within normal range)

At 12:00 1.5 nmol/L range 1.5-7.60 says in comments within normal range

Waking 9.450nmol/L range 6.00-21.00says within normal range.

I also did nhs blood test cortisol test came as 301 nmol/L Range a.m 7-9am (133-537nmol/L)

Are they normal results please?

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Hi Ari3, sorry no one has replied to you. There tends not to be much discussion of these results in the forum as there is of thyroid results.

I'm not an expert, but overall these look a little low. It's important to reach a decent high in the morning, and then lower gently throughout the day. I'd also be a little worried that your 4pm is higher than your midday, as it's a sign of something wrong if they don't follow the characteristic shape.

All you can do is search around online and look at some of the usual websites. Stop the Thyroid Madness has a little. I think Dr Myhill has some. I don't even know enough to recommend a good site.

Things like adrenal cortex can be a treatment. I think Adrenavive is they current recommendation, though I might have spelled it wrong. Also reducing stress to give your adrenals a rest, and quality relaxation like meditation and Epsom salt baths.


Thank you for ur reply at least got one reply on this lol u know this test is it the most accurate test to check adrenals? My nutritionist does adrenal test should I ask him to do it? I don’t know how he does it .And if I need adrenal support can I start it together with conjunction with thyroid medication? I don’t think so my gp will do any other test than cortisol am and pm blood test and they r not knowledgeable in this at all.


Yes, this is the most accurate test, and isn't done on the NHS. They don't acknowledge adrenal fatigue at all.

The test they will do is for Addison's (or Cushings, which is overactive) only.

Yes, you can start adrenal support alongside thyroid replacement. When you have success with it you may find you need to adjust your thyroid dose.

But unfortunately you will have to self medicate, as there is no treatment for adrenals on the NHS.


As my nutritionist is doing adrenal testing (I will bring my results too with me from which I did) might be helpful I hope he can help to suggest me what will be helpful to take for my adrenals what do you think can they help?


Your nutritionalist will probably do the same 24 Hr saliva test. Blood tests also exist and they are the overall test for adrenal insufficency.

A nutritionist is a good place to go for advice on treatment. Keep an open mind and double check everything they suggest.

Getting better can be a v long term process. Having a nutritionist or similar to start you off can be good, as it gives you confidence. If they suggest the ideal treatment, that's perfect. Even if they don't, no big deal, you will learn from it and be one step closer.


This is crazy that people are left to self medicate I sometimes think why things r left unresolved for many years and why would people on Earth treat them self’s by self medicating and self paying


Because we are sick of being left sick and not tested appropriately or believed. Its that or get sicker.

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I have all respect for Nhs and gps but really how become gp knows just Levothyroxine and there are no other options? Also why we have guidelines and ranges that they will put treatment if it’s more than 10 I mean Tsh ???if by having treatment it should be 0.5-2.5???doe sit makes sense? and no guidelines for pregnancy and t3....I wonder which country is the best in health industry iam thinking to move there


can i come with you?! when you find out where that is!


You should really have had the test that does Cortisol plus DHEA for full interpretation of adrenal status. Regenerus and Genova Diagnostics do that test, Medichecks and Blue Horizon don't include DHEA which is rather surprising.

The natural curve for adrenal function is like this - dark green section is "normal"

Click on Labrix Sample Report below Download Documents (bottom right on my PC)


You will see that cortisol should be highest in the morning and gradually lower throughout the day with the nightime reading quite low.

As far as I am aware Medichecks often say the nightime one is <1.5 which is a pretty useless result because with a top of range 1.99 then 1.5 is quite high and <1.5 tells you nothing useful.

Your waking result is much too low, your noon result is much too low, your 4pm one isn't too bad and your nightime one would appear to be too high if it is actually 1.5, but if it is <1.5 then it's anyone's guess.

Dr Myhill's interpretation - drmyhill.co.uk/wiki/Adrenal...

Stop the Thyroid Madness - stopthethyroidmadness.com/l... which says

"24-HOUR CORTISOL SALIVA–here are the consistent results of people who do not have an adrenal problem:

8 am: at the tip top part of the range (so if top of range is 9.5, people are right there, maybe even 9.4)

11 am-noon: in the upper quarter (though not at the very top of provided range)

4-5 pm: right “around” mid-range

11 pm to midnight: at the very bottom (Literally. So if range is 1-4, people are at 1, not even 2)"


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