B12 supplement plus floravital

Hi so im 37 weeks pregnant I've been taking better you b12 all pregnancy no issue due too iron dropping too 116 I've now started floravital which contains vit c 20mg thiamine 1.72mg riboflavin 1.72mg b6 1.72mg b12 1.72ug cyanocobalamin. Plus iron 19.2mg so quite low doses.

The problem I now have is the methyl spray is giving me little liquid filled blisters and sore raised edges under my tongue. Am I now taking something that I shouldn't be my whole mouth feels weird also. Can anyone offer some advice please?

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  • Nettiboo1982,

    If the methyl spray is giving you blisters stop using it. When the blisters heal try methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges or try methylcobalamin transdermal patches.

  • Hi clutter thank you for reply the lozenges used too give me mouth ulcers too when I first started on jarrows 5000mcg. Never tried the patches are they any good.

    What I don't understand is I've been using spray all my pregnancy without any issues and as soon as I add the mixture im back too sore tongue again.

  • Nettiboo1982,

    I've not used transdermal patches so can't recommend from personal experience.

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