Does anyone take B1 supplement?

Hi all

I've been watching The Thyroid Secret and they mention taking Thiamine (B1) supplement. I hope I've spelt that correct!

I wondered if anyone takes it or people's thoughts on taking this supplement to help with fatigue? I've read so much on here about B12, Zinc, magnesium, iron, VitD, and selenium.

Does anyone take this and have you seen a difference?

Thanks :)

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  • Hi Lindsayf,

    It is probably better to take a good Vitamin B Complex to ensure that you are getting the correct balance of this vitamin, rather that just isolate 1 particular B.

    J 🍀

  • Hi J

    I already take Thorne Vit B12 Complex and Solgar's little tablet I put under my tongue. Just wondered if I was missing a trick ;)

    Thanks for your comment :)

  • I think you would need to take more than 1 Thorne B complex to achieve the suggested dose on The Thyroid Secret. It was pointed out to me by Heloise I believe as it is also good for Crohns. I only take one a day :-)

  • Hi Marz

    Should I increase my dosage? I was reading her book but couldn't mind the daily mg amount to take.



    Here is the earlier thread about Thiamine. Hope it is helpful :-)

  • Thanks Marz.. very helpful thanks :)

  • I don't know of any problems taking thiamine (vitamin B1) in high doses. Why not add it to your current supplements and see if it helps?

    I've done what I just suggested and I thought it did help. But the improvement was limited, so I would guess I really didn't need much of a top-up. I had no adverse consequences from the experiment. I don't take thiamine as a separate supplement any more.

  • Did you take it with your VitB12s? Can I ask which make and how much you took? Be interesting to see if there is a difference. I'm also trying to find manganese (not sure how yo spell it) she said it was good for low Ferritin but can't find much about that! Maybe it's my spelling

  • I bought a Solgar thiamine 100mg product :

    I always take a B12 supplement. I often take a B Complex. I took one bottle of thiamine then stopped it.

    I can't remember ever buying manganese. For info on manganese :

    Manganese is vital for bone health.

  • Thanks for your recommendation.. I'm going to try the 500mg and see if that makes a difference. I know she said to take 600mg but 500mg is better then nothing. I'll give one bottle a go and if there is no difference I'll stop.

    I'll have a read of the other links you posted... thanks again for replying :)

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