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Hello all so nearing the end of my pregnancy and my iron levels have become low not drastically but I wanted too balance things out. I was told early in pregnancy too stop my iron as it was too high probably due too the chelated iron I was taking previously due too extremely low ferritin.

So I stopped all pregnancy vitamins even though I thought it wasn't right I had too take this advise I was worried I'd hurt my precious baby otherwise we'll needless too say it's kept on dropping and is now 116.

Cue floravital as it's pregnancy safe and has a nice mix of vitamins mainly b's too add I already take better you b12 1200mg per day plus when remembered better you vit d 3000 I previously took jarrows b12 and b right vits but doc wasn't happy for me too continue.

Anyways I've started getting mouth ulcers again like when I first took b vits after b12 deficiency was detected does that mean my other b vit levels are out of whack or that im taking too much b12 in comparison too others?

Im mostly concerned about b12 as I wish too breast feed but being vegetarian I realise can cause damage too child if levels are really low.

Should I carry on with vits and hope it balances out? Is floravital any good im assuming due too my reaction it must be doing something as last time I had this I was on higher doses. Also is it ok too take the two forms of b12 ? Better you is methyl floravital is cyanocobalamin.

Sorry for essay but you lot are so knowledgeable thank you for reading

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When I took floravital, my ferritin dropped from 15 to 12 over a couple of months! I don't think it is strong enough to boost iron of it is really low. I was supplementing B12 already. I think mouth ulcers can be caused by low iron, low folate or other B deficiences, so it's hard to say. Doctors know very little about nutrition. I use nutritional yeast with added B12, but at an age when pregnancy was possible, It wouldn't have occurred to me to check with a doctor whether it was safe or not, so I don't know. You should be able to get other Bs from food,and if you are veggie your folate should be good.


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