Help with Lab results pleaseđź’•

Help with Lab results pleaseđź’•

Hi; here are my most recent lab results. I waited 24 hrs from my last meds and had blood draw at 930 am..

I am currently on 120 mg of NDT and 7.5 mcg Cytomel.. We can't seem to raise my T4 - and my TSH suggests hyper ( I don't feel hyper) I actually have more energy with the cytomel no afternoon crashes. My B12 and D and Iron are good.. Any thoughts on raising t4 ? I really do not want synthroid.



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  • If you're taking t3 you may have a low t4. It doesn't matter much unless you don't feel well and/or are undermedicated. I feel funny with a very low t4 - it seems related to bad anxiety for me - but if you're feeling well that's great. Are your gut, temp and heart rate all good and normal? Anything too high/fast?

    I don't think it would make sense to take ndt, t3 AND levo, I think if you wanted to rejig your ratios you'd just take a higher dose of ndt and/or a lower dose of t3.

    You're not hyper as your t3 is within range and your t4 is below range. If you feel good stay on this dose. There is nothing especially unusual about these results for someone on t3.

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