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Lab Results help


My Endo was testing me for Cushing's...I am Hashimoto's and Hypothyroid. I currently taking 75 mcg once a day with 5 mcg Cytomel 2 x a day...... waiting on my lab order to get updated Thyroid labs . What I do not understand are these labs -----These labs were ordered by my Endo and I need help with the results of the ACTH, Cortisol and Dexamethasone test -- all taken at 8 am

ACTH Plasma 1.9 reference range 7.2-63.3 pg/mL

Cortisol - AM 0.8 reference range 6.2-19.4 ug/dL

Dexamethasone, Serum 303 with no reference range given

What does this mean? Is this Addison's Disease? or is this normal? I don't see Endo again til March... If anyone can help........

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I better say first ... I don't know anything about your tests or the problems you have. But it is clear that you do have severe problems.

Who gave you your results? And did they make any comment about them?

if you have had no discussion about them at all then I think you should phone up your endo's secretary and ask for an urgent appointment because your test results are so bad.

Another possibility is to phone up for an urgent appointment at your GP surgery. If you can't get your GP to speak to you or see you , another alternative is to ask for an urgent appointment with the duty doctor so that you can be seen that day. Every surgery should have a duty doctor who will see emergency patients. Don't allow yourself to be fobbed off. Make sure you take the results with you and ask what you should do about them because the results appear to be so very bad.

You might decide that seeing the duty doctor is a better bet than asking to see your GP. But the important thing is to get someone to listen.

I've answered this on the assumption you live in the UK. If you live elsewhere, then I'm afraid I can't make any suggestions about how you can be seen quickly.

It could be Addison disease (primary adrenal insufficiency): decreased cortisol production due to adrenal gland damage maybe just adrenal fatigue as runs hand in hand with Hashimotos. Medicines you are taking pill/HRT etc can also affect the result. Really confusing with the dexamethasone result though. So I'm of no help as I'd hate to second guess.

You definitely need to talk to the physician that ordered the bloods , tell them you are worried and you would like an early appointment to discuss the results. You could ask for a telephone appointment. Lots are happy to do that.

Ring today as no point in worrying.

marchm2016 in reply to Katepots

Thank you. I am calling my Endo today. And if she does not think this is important then I will seek a 2nd opinion. I am new with her and she is new to the area. I am in the U.S. I may just have to drive a distance to find someone. I was checking this out on a couple web sites lastnight. Looks pretty serious to me. I thank you again.

Don't overly worry a lot of medicines, stress etc can alter results.

You're so lucky being in the US as so many experts on board with the whole Thyroid/Hashimotos thing. Seek out a functional medicine dr, they'll help you to find the root cause. Think There's only 3 in the UK that I can find!

Good luck.

marchm2016 in reply to Katepots

Unfortunately the Doctors in this area are not Functional. To find one I will have to travel and that is fine by me. Especially if I will feel better and be "normal" again. My Son (only child) is getting married in September this year. I want to be able to enjoy this. Thank you. I appreciate your help

Yes you need to have energy for that!

Good talks on autoimmune revolution I'm just about to post day 3

Funnily enough it's on lab analysis so may have some interesting info.

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