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Hashimoto's and Elevated Liver Enzymes

I had suspected I had Hashimoto's for over 8 years now (symptoms going back to childhood - am 36 now) - couldn't get any doctors to care.

I had been feeling ill for a while (lower backaches, chills, weight gain, gyno issues), so I decided to start working out. One day, after having cycled, I woked up with intense lower abdominal and groin/thigh pain in the middle of the night. The pain was unbearable - felt like all my muscles were torn. I also had cramping, so I was sent to the ER by my doctor to get evaluated the next day.

Everything was normal in my blood test and ultrasound except for the following:

AST = 221 (10-35)

ALT = 54 (10-35)

LDH = 288 (135-225)

Lipase = 12 (13-60)

Bilirubin and Glucose and everything else were normal. My ultrasound only showed a "plump" uterus.

My doctor was told to do a complete hepatitis panel test the next day. Negative for all types.

I finally convinced my gp to test me for Hashimoto's:

TPO = 180 (less than 34)

Thyroglobulin = 449.40 (less than 115)

My TSH, T3, T4, FT3 and FT4 levels are all in normal range.

Vit D = 26.2 (should be more than 30)

This all happened in September - my liver enzymes were test two months before and they were all normal.

What could this be? I'm so scared that it's autoimmune hepatitis - it's hard for me to sleep!!!

My GP told me to take Selenium for 6 weeks and see if the levels drop and if not, then she'll send me to the hospital to get tested.

Has anyone gone through this??

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If you have thyroid antibodies and you do and they are high, so your GP should have prescribed thyroid hormones for you as your thyroid gland is under attack. By taking thyroid hormones according to Dr Toft of the BTA (he was President) says that to 'nip things in the bud' levothyroxine should be prescribed.

I have just read that Selenium is invaluable for the liver:-

Going gluten-free also helps reduce antibodies.

I hope you feel better soon.

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Thanks! I have been gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free for the past few days. But I'm scared sick about my liver. I'll probably have to go to a private doctor to get treatment for my thyroid. My TSH is actually 1.30 currently, so she didn't seem to want to treat me for that. Sigh...


If you go private email who has a list as many have wasted money getting no response from some Endos/doctors.

We have to be our own physicians unfortunately, for most of us:-


Thanks for yr help!

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What is your liver status now ? My liver enzymes are also elevated.


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