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Newbie - blood results

hi, I am new here and am unsure as to how bad my blood results are.

I saw my oncology consultant who ordered the blood tests and was told to go to my dr in the morning with a copy of my results with a recommendation to be referred to a thyroid specialist.

My results are

TSH -<0.02

Free T4 - 62.4

Free T3 - 31.6

any advice is welcome



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Hi Maxr - do you have lab ranges for those results? The FT3 and FT4 results are unfamiliar numbers...


Oh wait - sorry, brain fog. :) You're overactive, aren't you? By quite a way, it seems...


Thanks Jazzw,

yes looks like it, I had the test done as I am having lots of symptoms that I thought was down to my treatment. Did not think that it would be down to this. Only just started looking up info on it.



Sorry I didn't twig straight away - we tend to see more hypothyroid people here than hyperthyroid, so I looked at the numbers and thought it must be a lab range I wasn't familiar with. :)

Try not to worry too much (hard, I know!) - it's treatable. How are you feeling?


Hi Jazzw,

I have had heart palpitations, heart rate of 120 resting, swollen feet/ankles, tired, cant sleep properly, hot all the time.

Everything I look at listing side effects I have nearly all of them.

After the problems I have had with breast cancer and the treatment I don't know if I can handle any more.

Was admitted to hospital a few weeks ago, was told that they would check for thyroid problems, when my consultant checked the test was not done. The hospital discharged me telling me it was side effects from my pills

Apart from that I am fine, lol.

All of the results I have seen are less than mine.

Just a bit concerned.




Poor you, this is the last thing you need. {hugs}. Unfortunately thyroid problems can just happen out of the blue. It isn't necessarily anything sinister though I know that must be weighing heavily on your mind. On the bright side - this is the explanation for why you're feeling the way you do, and hopefully your doctor will get you started on something to calm everything down straightaway.

Don't try to compare results - we see all sorts here, and the level at which one person feels terrible is quite tolerable for another - the numbers don't necessarily indicate severity. But the hospital staff should be shot for trying to fob you off with "side effects" - it's so so easy to do a thyroid function test.

At least you know now what's causing you to feel the way you are. Big hug x

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Have a look here: thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/about_...

Thyroid UK is this forum's parent site. :)

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Hi Sam, first of all try not to worry/stress and I know that's hard when you're feeling as bad as you must be ! My blood results were very similar to yours when I was first diagnosed with Graves/Hyperthyroidism 3 years ago and I have seen even worse results on here. I've no doubt your doctor will prescribe Carbimazole for you whilst you await an appointment to see an Endocrinologist. The Carbimazole will make you feel a lot better within a couple of weeks. It could be the stress/trauma of going through breast cancer or even the medication you were taking that has triggered the Hyperthyroidism. There are lots of very knowledgeable people on here who can help with advice on blood results, supplements etc.

Just remember that you are not alone here and we have all been diagnosed with either HypeR / Graves or HypO / Hashimotos.

Let us know how you get on with the GP appointment.


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hi cc251254, thanks for your reply. I have seen my Dr, been prescribed carbimazole and beta blockers. Had a blood test done yesterday have to wait for the results before I take any of them. Was referred to specialist. What can I expect when I do get to see them? Thanks again. Sam


Hi Sam, after the result of my blood tests that the GP had requested, she called me back in to confirm a diagnosis of Hyperthyroidism (Graves was confirmed by a later blood test for anti bodies). She prescribed 40 mgs Carbimazole and referred me to an Endo at my local hospital. She advised me to keep taking the Carb until I saw the Endo she had referred me to and to make an appointment for another blood test 4 weeks later. My appointment came through to see an Endo about 6 weeks after I started taking the Carb. I went for the blood test after 4 weeks and the result showed I had then gone HypO so was advised to stop taking the med. until I had seen the Endo.

At my appointment with the Endo, he asked how I was feeling to which I replied "horrendous". He told me he was putting me on a treatment called Block & Replace and sent me on my way with a prescription and a letter for my GP. He explained NIL about my condition/the disease and I didn't ask any questions because neither my brain nor my body was functioning! BUT as I knew absolutely zilch about thyroid problems/Graves I simply thought I would take the medication he had prescribed and in a few weeks/month or two I would be as right as rain ! Three years later and I'm still on medication BUT having done hours of relentless research and become a member of a few forums at least now I know a lot more about my condition and why I felt/feel like I did/do.

Block & Replace treatment consists of taking Carbimazole and Levothyroxine and is usually for approx. 18 months. I was on that treatment for approx. 20/22 months - my health care during this time was neglected and I was left on it on too high a dose for too long and when the medications were stopped, hypeR symptoms returned with a vengeance within about 10 days. So I was put back on Carb and then the Levo a little later again !

I wasn't feeling well at all and felt that the thyroxine just didn't agree with me and was making me feel terrible so I asked if I could try Carbimazole Titration treatment. The Endo tried to tell me I would be better off having RAI as then I would become "normal" again ! This isn't the case - anyone who has RAI or surgery then becomes HypO and has to take Levothyroxine for life. I refused RAI and the Endo finally agreed to Carbimazole Titration.

I have only been on this treatment since end of April 2016 and after a "wobbly" start and a huge drop from the 40 mgs of Carb I had been taking for 3 years I am now on 5 mgs daily (dropped from 40 to 20 to 15 to 10 and now 5) had an episode of HypO in between BUT I am now feeling better than I have for 3 years (touching wood as I type).

If all goes well at my next blood test result, the 5 mgs will be reduced to 2.5 mgs and I can stay on that for life - which is why I refused RAI.

If you click on my name you can read my posts, questions and the answers and advice I have received and read my 3 year journey.

My advice is educate yourself on this disease as much as you can. Prepare yourself for Endo/GP appointments by writing down questions you want answers to. Ask for print outs of your blood results and post them on here for help. Keep a diary/your own health record so you can see how you feel on the meds and doses from week to week etc. Don't push yourself, be kind to yourself and remember you are not alone !

Hope this has helped in some way.

Let us know how you are doing.



I should say because it would be unfair if I didn't, that some people do very well on Block & Replace, I didn't and I just wish that I had known more about the disease and also known more about the choice of treatments available. Having been on B & R and feeling as bad as I did on it and the end result not being good, I feel that I have lost 2 years of my life when I could have been feeling much better after just a few months. So, the more well informed you are the better - at Endo AND GP appointments.

At your Endo appointment your neck may also be examined. Mine was examined at my 2nd Endo appointment by a specialist who seemed more on the ball than the first one (the first Endo was slumped back in his chair eating an apple when I entered the room and was in the same position when I left !!). I have had approx. 9/10 Endo appointments and only seen the same one twice. Upon examination of my neck I was found to have a "lump" so was sent for a scan. The scan showed a multi nodular thyroid (quite common apparently) but as the blood was flowing freely through the nodules, they were declared benign and nothing to worry about. If there had been any doubt about the nodules, they do a FNA (fine needle aspiration) there and then.


hi Christine, thanks for that. I had my blood results back and they are the same as 4 weeks ago, they also found antibodies in my blood. Got to start beta blockers and carbimazole. Had a letter from the hospital to book an appointment. Got their earliest appointment for 18th November!!!!!! I suppose I should be glad it is this year.


Ha yes count yourself lucky it IS this year ! I often thought about "going private" to speed things up. My worst most scary symptoms were that of breathlessness/palpitations/anxiety - I couldn't do ANYTHING including taking a few steps without getting out of breath which then caused me to get more anxious and hyperventilate with extremely strong pounding fast heart rate and I thought I was going to have a heart attack ! This settled down a lot when I was first prescribed 40 mgs Carb at diagnosis. Then when I started the Block & Replace treatment it started again and got progressively worse. I went to the GP about it and she referred me to a mental health therapist saying that it couldn't possibly have anything to do with my condition because I was being medicated for the condition ! I couldn't get through to her that if it wasn't my condition or the medication why had I become this way only since becoming hyperthyroid and taking medication for it. It was useless trying to talk to her and she was getting as flustered as I was getting angrier ! I agreed to have the therapy and it should have been for 12 sessions. About a third of the way in (on 4th session) the therapist agreed that my palpitations etc were caused by the medications - I explained to him that one of the side effects of Levothyroxine is palpitations and one of the side effects of Carbimazole is breathlessness - especially when over (or under) medicated and I had been on the same dose of Carb and Levo for far too long. The therapist checked the medications and their side effects and agreed with me. My treatment had been neglected because my GP thought I was being cared for by the Endo and the Endo thought I was being cared for by my GP - total lack of communication, disgusting ! Anyway, as I have said I am feeling so much better without the Levo and on a much lower dose of Carb. I do still have the odd day when my heart pounds a little too fast and hard but I have also been prescribed a low dose Beta Blocker which helps.

If you read a post I copied and pasted something I found on the web " A Letter From Graves ", you will see that all that has happened to me along my journey is in that letter and seems to be a progression of what happens to us, how we are treated. It mirrors what has happened to me i.e. been referred to a therapist, then heart problems and ECG's - it's all there, everything !



I hope you get a quick referral and feel better soon. You don't say whether you're on levothyroxine or not? Sorry, just seen the rest of this thread, hope you are feeling a bit better now? hugs


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