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Blood results

Hello, I got my resent blood results.

I am feeling good overall, just wanted to check if I should be concerned as the results are out of range.

Im on 125 ltroxin for a while now.

TSH - 0.04 (range 0.35-4.94)

FREE T4 - 19.0 (range 9.00-19.00)

FREE T3 - 5.5 (range 2.88-4.88)

Please advise.

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How do you feel? If you feel OK then I would do nothing. The Dr might think otherwise though!


Yes I actually do feel good now. Better than when I was on 100mg.


Always good news when we hear someone is doing well. Happy for you!!!


I hope it won’t change:)

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Did you address the vits and minerals as well? Getting those up can also increase your results so that may also account for going over but I wouldn't have thought you would have been on them long enough to make that difference.


I asked for vitamins but got only b12 results, and folic acid. And these are in the mid-lower range.


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