Hashi's & Blood Results

After 30+ years of being hypo, I've now discovered from a private blood test that I do have Hashimotos.

Results from January 2017 -

Thyroglobin Antibody 243 (0 - 115)

Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody 19.78 (0 - 34)

TSH 0.005 (0.27 - 4.20)

Free Thyroxine 0.3 (12 - 22)

Total Thyroxine (T4) 5.4 (59 - 154)

Free T3 14.47 (3.10 - 6.80)

I'm on 40mcg of T3 a day, taken in one dose before food/drink at 6am. Only now do I feel well. BUT these blood results look like I'm over medicated. My thyroid tests here are similar to those done by my GP and I therefore have an ongoing battle with my GP wanting to lower my dose.

I haven't felt this well for decades, so it's how I feel versus blood results.

My question is - can Hashi's cause blood results to appear high but the patient needs a higher dose to have any energy? Maybe the antibodies are preventing medication to get to where it's needed?

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  • Marigold22,

    Did you take T3 before your blood test?

  • I took it at 6am and blood test was at 1.30pm. Previously for GP blood test I've left 12 to 18 hours of no meds but the TSH came out higher and the T3 still high. I'm totally confused as to what's happening with me :-)

  • Marigold22,

    7.5 hours is time enough for T3 to stop peaking in the blood. You are over medicated to have FT3 >6.8 and TSH so suppressed. You probably need to reduce dose by 20mcg to get FT3 back in range.

  • That's what I didn't want to hear ! I've been on 20 and 30 mg a day previously and didn't feel well. Is there any chance do you think that it looks like I'm over medicated but it's not getting into the cells?

  • Marigold22,

    I can't answer that.

  • PS My original question was - now I know I've got Hashi's can that change anything about my blood tests?

  • Marigold22,

    Depends how long you've had Hashi's. When Hashimoto's thyroiditis first develops there can be transient hyperthyroidism as lymphocytes destroy thyroid cells and dump hormone into the blood. The hyperthyroidism is unlikely to last more than a few months as the cell destruction atrophies the thyoid gland which then can't produce sufficient hormone.

  • Thank you Clutter for your replies.

  • I have to say I agree with Clutter. Your FT3 is high and your FT4 is also very low. When taking any form of T3 TSH will be suppressed or even zero and your FT4 can fall to about halfway in the range as your body realised you don't need to convert much of the T4 to T3 as it's being given enough. Dropping the T3 down as Clutter suggests with encourage the FT4 to rise to give you better figures.

    I know this isn't what you wanted to hear but I had a similar problem. When I made the changeover to NDT I was fairly confident thstvi knew what to do as my thyroid journey started out on this but itcwas called extract then. I only stopped because a strike was preventing me get the medication from Canada so I went onto Levo and it worked well for many years. So I started back on NDT and raised. Dry cautiously as I'm that sort of person and I gotvup to 3 grains and felt good. However bloods said I was over medicated. FT3 was high. It not as high as you. It endo told me to reduce. I did this and found I wasn't feeling any worse and infact I was feeling even better! I was amazed and I'm now very good taking 2 grains one day then 1.75 for the next 2 days and my last T3 is higher than I've ever known it other than the time I went over. So dropping back really worked well for me and I do feel at me best now. When I was over I felt much better than when I was t taking NDT and I now realise if I'd continued with that I could have eventually felt bad.

    So dont be afraid to drop down, you may be pleasantly durprised as I was! Might help though if you can get an earlier appointment and stop meds with your second dose the day before

  • Thanks silverfox. I get the impression though from all blood tests throughout a long time, that I probably don't have any T4 being made in my body. I'm beginning to think now that something else is going on here - eg a completely dead thyroid and/or thyroid hormone resistance. I'm fairly certain I have the DIO2 gene & must try to get a test done. I've only just (in January) managed to afford to get the thyroid antibodies test done privately.

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