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Advice on test results


Hi, Can someone look at my test results please. Apparently normal - on 100/75mcg of levothyroxine alternative days. Tried to change to NDT twice, got anxiety and palps. I'll do an adrenal stress test next. Bit surprised I'm in "normal" range. Does the antibody results mean I don't have hashimotos?

Any advice appreciated. Thanks G.

TSH 0.270 -4.200 mIU/L (1.42)

FREE THYROXINE 12.000 -22.000 pmol/L (17.03)

T4 59.000 -154.000 nmol/L (92.1)

T3 3.100 -6.800 pmol/L (4.49)

THYROGLOBULIN 0.000 -115.000 IU/mL (22.830)

THYROID PEROXIDASE 0.000 -34.000 IU/mL (12.53)

VITAMIN B12 191.000 -663.000 pg/ml (467)

FOLATE (SERUM) 4.600 -18.700 ug/L (7.3)

25 OH VITAMIN D 50.000-200.000 nmol/L (97.17)

CRP 0.000 -5.000 mg/L (0.8)

FERRITIN 13.000 -150.000 ug/L (49.55)

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Your B12 is too low get it to 1,000. Supplement with methylcobalamin lozenges. Jarrows and Solgar are good brands.

Your folate level should be at least 10 but preferably higher. Again supplement. You can take a good B complex supplement making sure it has more than the RDA of folate in it and the rest of the B vitamins are balanced.

Your ferritin level could be at least 80. At your level some people still feel not quite well in themselves. Supplement with ferrous fumerate and a high dose vitamin C tablet. Try taking one fumerous fumerate tablet 2 times per day. Vitamin C aids iron absorption and reduces constipation. Take it four hours away from thyroid meds. Two hours away from every other food, drink and supplements to avoid interactions. You only need a packet of 84. After finishing the packet wait 7 days and get your ferritin level tested as this is important to establish that you have no iron absorption issues.

You can get all these supplements from Amazon. Alternatively use an independent pharmacy as they are more likely to sell good brands of B tablets and because you need to ask a pharmacist anyway for ferrous fumerate tablets telling him/her you have low iron if they enquire why you want them.

From October start supplementing your vitamin D if you aren't doing so now to keep your level near 100. Preferably take 2,500IU of D3 every day or 5,000I every other day.

Your lack of antibodies mean you don't have hashimotos. Your CRP level while low should actually be lower. (It should actually be less than 0.1) This is either because you aren't medicated adequately or had an infection e.g. summer cold when the test was taken.

You may want a dose increase of levo e.g. take 100 everyday to get your TSH near 1 and your T3 level nearer 5 so you feel better. However without optimal ferritin, vitamin B12 and folate levels you will struggle to do this.

gillianc in reply to bluebug

Thanks bluebug. I knew I wasn't hasimotos, just had a feeling but good to get it confirmed. I've been supplementing to get my vitamins and mineral levels up on and off over the years but this year from March started to work on my iron/ferriton as I want to change to NDT. It's gone up a little so that's good. Vitamin D was 14 at one point also so I keep a eye on it every year. At least I know I'm moving in the right direction - of course GP keeps reducing my Levo and I'm done arguing - I mostly keep to the 100mcg and try and remain stable on that.

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