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Help Interpreting Blood Test Results Pt.2!


Please see these threads for information:

I would really appreciate any input on these results. I am currently taking 100mcg Levothyroxine and 10mcg (5mcg twice daily) Liothyronine. When I phoned the surgery for results the receptionist said that my GP had no issues, however having seen the results and ranges myself, I can see that a couple of them are out of range or close to being out of range. I have included these below.

My main symptom is fatigue/exhaustion but I do still have other Hypo symptoms. My Endocrinologist has ordered some bloods also and I had those taken this morning (CK, connective tissue screen(?), TPO and TSH, T3 and T4). I may be back before long to request help with those, too! I hope nobody minds as the people on this forum are so helpful. Input regarding supplementation gratefully received.

Thank you very much in advance for any responses.

Free T4 – 13.2 – (11.0-22.0)

Free T3 – not tested

TSH – 0.15 – (0.30-5.00) – GP would like this to be re-tested in 3 months.

Vitamin B12 – 508 – (181 – 910)

Folate – 6.9 – (>5.4)

Ferritin – 23 – (10 – 291)

Vitamin D – 45 (75 – 150)

Haematocrit – 0.444 – (0.350 – 0.440)

Creatinine – 48 – (53 – 97)

Cholesterol – 5.10 – (0.00 – 5.00)

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Your folate, ferritin, vitamin B12 and vitamin D levels are all too low.

In fact with a ferritin level like that it isn't suprising if you are knackered.

A GP won't treat you for these deficiencies as you are in range so you are going to need to self supplement. You need optimal levels for your thyroid hormones to work.

Ferritin get a pack of 84 ferrous fumerate through a pharamacy and take 1 twice a day with vitamin C. Take it 4 hours away from thyroid medicines and 2 hours away from other food and supplements to minimise interactions.

B12 get vitamin b12 lozenges - solgar or Jarrows of amazon

D take 5,000IU per day for 3 months then take 5,000IU every other day

Folate get a good vitamin b complex with levels greater than RDA and take

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The levels you are aiming for is:

Ferritin around 100

Vitamin d around 100

vitamin B12 around 1000 but at least at the top of the range

Folate around 12 since you have no range given

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bluebug, you are a star. Thank you very much; it's so great to actually have a reason for why I'm feeling the way I do and also to know that it's possible to fix.

Thank you :)


Finally as your doctor isn't testing your t3 you need to get it done privately.


My Endo has written T3 on my blood form, will this be FT3, do you know?


It should be FT3 or both T3 and FT3 - but you never know with NHS labs.

FT3 is really the only meaningful test now. But your FT4 should ideally be towards the top of the range, so you have reserves available to make T3 when you need it.

I'm hot and lazy - do you have results from when you were n T4 only? What was the reason for introducing T3?


I suppose I'll just have to wait and see what the results come back with. If needs be I can order a private test as I'd like to check my RT3 also.

I don't have any historic results I'm afraid. This is the first time I have requested a print out from my GP surgery and it was hard enough getting this recent one out of them.

I was referred to an Endo following self medication with NDT (Thyroid-S) and my doctor had a hissy about my levels being "off". Endo was a bit deceiving, really, as we agreed (six months ago) to a trial of T3/T4 treatment with a view to a referral to a specialist for prescribed NDT if I still had symptoms present (which I do). However he has now backtracked on this and said the referral would need to come from my GP.

Endo basically fobbed me off yesterday saying that it could be CFS and that as my thyroid levels are fine it must be something else. Now I've learnt (from the lovely people here) that the reason I'm probably so exhausted all the time is due to my ferritin, folate, Vit D and Vit B12 levels.


You are entitled to your history, you know. You could entertain yourself by insisting till they give in. It might be very revealing - and since I assume you are considering going back to self-medicating, it would be really useful to know where you were in those days.

Doctors, and endos in particular, seem to be afflicted by a peculiar form of Alzheimers. They seem to forget their promises and pronouncements, often in the few minutes between the patient leaving the room, and dictating the letter to the GP!


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