Help with blood results

Hi I'm new to this forum and would like help with blood results.

I had a whole load of bloods done in May due to extreme fatigue, weight gain, general feeling of I'll to name but a few. Go stated all results were in normal range e Celt vitamin d for which I was severely deficient at 12 mm ok. GP stated this was why I was feeling bad. Started on high dose of vitamin d but feel no different worse in fact as I have pains in finger joints, ankles feet and legs. I had bloods re done and GP tested TSH again in May it was 1.6 range (0.3-5.5)

This time TSH 1.4 same range

Free t4 13.2 range (11.0-23.0)

I'm due to see an endocrinologist next week as GP referred me as he cannot understand why my Vit D is so low.

Any advice or pointers would be appreciated.

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  • Welcome to the forum!

    Do you know if your doctor tested your calcium levels? There's a possibility this is hyperparathyroidism, which despite the name isn't a thyroid issue. Alternatively, it may be that something else is causing your symptoms. Vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms can appear very similar. Has your doctor tested that? Finally, what about anaemia of the good old fashioned iron/ferritin deficiency variety? All should be checked.

  • Hi yes he did test calcium 2.38 range (2.2-2.6). The last two times my pth levels were above range but calcium 2.33 same range above.

  • I think (not an expert on this stuff though) that's a good sign - you'd expect pth to be raised if vitamin d is low, and if it was primary hyperparathyroidism your calcium would be up.

    For reasons no one seems able to quite explain many of us are deficient in Vit d. If you live in the UK, you can only make it between March and September ish - the sun's not strong enough the rest of the year. And as we all slap on sunscreen, we stop the rays penetrating enough when we do go out in the sun.

    How's your gut (she asked impertinently :) )? Any digestive issues?

  • Can't say there's that much wrong with my gut! I do suffer excess acid at times and the occasional bloating but nothing more!

  • Your free t4 is low and i strongly suspect t3 is as well

    because your tsh is also low the chances are you have Central hypothyroid as opposed to primary hypothyroid

    Thyroid antibodies should be tested




    vit d3

    are often low in hypothyroid patients and need all to be halfway in their ranges in order for your body to be able to convert levothyroxine which is t4 into t3 which all your body cells need to function

    Be sure that you get a referral to an endo on a list that will send you if you email her

    as many endos simply will not bother to sort out whats wrong

    the acid gut is actually likely to be low stomach acid not high and betaine or pepsin should help...the bloating could well be gluten and or lactose intolerance

  • Thanks for the reply. Excuse my ignorance but what is central hypothyroid please? I've been referred to endocrinologist and have an appointment on Monday.

  • Central Hypothyroidism is when the Pituitary Gland is faulty - resulting in LOW TSH and FT4. The Pituitary Gland secretes Thyroid Stimulating Hormone to the Thyroid - to tell it to secrete T4 - the storage hormone.

    Primary Hypothyroidism - is when the thyroid itself is faulty :-(

  • Central hypothyroid is when the pituarity is faulty and is unable to produce adequate TSH to stimulate a thyroid to release t4. So the TSH will be low as well as free t4 and free t3

    Primary hypothyroid is when the thyroid is faulty or being attacked by thyroid antibodies and no matter how high TSH is it cannot produce enough T4

  • How much Vitamin D are you taking?

  • Its typical of hypothyroid to be deficient in




    vit d3

    cholesterol will be high

    your TSH is low in comparison to relatively low free t4

    we do not know what your free t3 is and thats whats important

    i strongly suspect you have Central /2ndary /pituarity Hypothyroid as opposed to more usual Primary hypothyroid wherby TSH will be high

    be prepared for a battle with the Endo if they are not one of the recomended ones on Louise Warvills list

  • Sounds like you have parathyroidism. I have just been diagnosed with Primary Hyperparathyroidism. Calcium levels high, vitamin D low and liver function low. I have the same symptoms, bones and muscles aching continuously, tiredness, weakness, sore feet, headaches, weight gain, unable to sleep with the discomfort etc. Have had 4 follow up blood tests, X-Rays, DEXA scan and bone scan as well as 24hr urine collection test with pathology to test calcium levels. My GP has referred me to an endocrinologist to have tumour removed. Make sure your specialist check all four glands as the tumours don't always show on the scans.

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