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Fellow Hashi's Thyroid peeps: I take supplements, but thinking of adding selenium into the mix. What do you all think? For the last year and a half before i was properly diagnosed I started taking Pharmaceutical grade omega 3s with 1360 mg and 950 active, Vitamin D3 4,000 daily, Magnesium Citrate, A multi vitamin/ mineral with everything including all b vitamins and recently had to incorporate an iron supplement that also has C,B12 & folic acid with it for absorption plus i take a raw vegan protein several days a week after exercising that has tons of nutrition in it plus probiotics and enzymes for my stomach issues and i embarked on collagen protein powder to take here and there too. How much selenium will i need? I am very active when i feel decent. Also will my T4 need to be reduced with selenium? Right now it looks like i either need high T4 dose or a T3 helper......

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  • I have read that 200mcg Selenium is good - and yet another said 400. Go to the website of Dr Izabella Wentz - sign up for her Newsletters too - there should be some information about Selenium there :-)

    I doubt if your Multi-vit or the Iron supp containing B12 - will give you sufficient. Did you have a test before you started to supplement ?

  • No only D and i was top range of insufficient and that is when i started supplements. Since then my Vit D3 has gone up a lot. They did my iron and ferritin and B12 on my request recently. B12 was good but the other too low but not deficient. Yes i follow Hypothyoidmom, thyroid sexy on Fb..... dr Izabella Wentz & dr brownstein. I am only finding 200 mg of selenium. I do not go to stores to buy them because they are not the same quality. I always buy them through a supplement store that has better stuff as my brother has advised who is a nutrtionalist. What about the T3 &T4? what do you think Marz?

  • HASHISmom34 - I would not reduce the T4 - what was your last result - also the FT3 result ?

    So B12 was good - how good is good ? :-) Needs to be around 1000 to prevent cognitive decline ....

    I believe it Dr Alaexander Haskell that suggested 400 mcg of Selenium in his book - Hope for Hashimotos. He has a website by the same name. My GP here in Crete suggested I took Selenium when I was diagnosed - but suggested I stop taking it for a few weeks - every few months. Have forgotten the reason why !!

  • I heard too that 200 of selenium is not worth taking (too little) and no I wasn't going to reduce synthroid but i meant in the future would you need to from taking Selenium. My T4 & T3 hardly moved in 6 months of taking synthroid. I don't recall number because labs aren't in front of me but they were the lowest number on lab range (example 1 if the normal range is 1-2.5) as far as B12 i don't have labs here but that was more than half way on range.

  • What was your last blood test result for the FT4 and FT3 ?

    How much T4 are you taking ?

    Start with 200 of Selenium and increase after a little time.

    B12 needs to be around 1000.

    I am not a medic - but a Hashi's sufferer with a B12 issue :-)

  • hello. T3 free was 2.7 out of 2.3-4.2

    tsh 1.76 .4-4.50 range and this is lowest ever was

    T4 free 1.0 out of .8-1.8

    I am on synthroid now. Issues with levi. 50 is my dose now. My t4 & t3 hardly moved in a half of year of treatment. Cannot find my other labs with B12 but it was more than half way in range. most recent @ 5 wks ago

  • I think the FT3 could be too low for you - also your dose. It needs to be raised as 50mcg of T4 is a starting dose. The Free T4 and Free T3 are more important results than the Total T4 and Total T3 as the Free means the amount circulating in your blood is available to be utilised at a cellular level.

    If you were/are supplementing B12 - then further testing is of little value.

  • i was told that i am on 50 because when they ran my tsh it was not super high! At my worse they never tested me, when i felt a little better it was 6. I am going to start selenium for now and then see if maybe i need either T3 or a higher dose of T4. Thanks for the info

  • and sorry b12 was 750 out of 200-1100 a few months ago. my total t3 was 86 out of 76-181

    not sure difference between total 4 or total 3 and the free t4 or free t3????????

  • Here's just one article that recommends 200mcg selenium for Hashi's sufferers (plenty more come up on Google all saying the same thing).

    Selenium helps with T4 to T3 conversion so maybe you should leave your meds as they are for now, supplement with selenium for a while then see where your thyroid levels are.

    Does your multi Vit/Min contain iodine? There are many thoughts on iodine but generally too much iodine can cause problems for Hashi's patients and shouldn't be supplemented unless there is a known deficiency.

  • I was thinking the same SeasideSusie. Yes mine does contain iodine. The problem is with iodine that my father kept telling me to take kelp for my thyroid. I brought that up to my old Endo once i finally got diagnosed and he said no way, iodine is like throwing gas on a fire!

  • Yes, iodine is one of those things that you will always find conflicting views about. It's difficult to decide what to do. What I try to do is supplement where there is a known deficiency (I have tested what I can).

    I don't worry too much about vitamins where the excess is pee'd out such as Vit C and the B vits, the fat soluble vitamins that can build up I am more cautious about. Minerals, most of us are deficient in magnesium so I am happy to take the recommended amount of that, selenium I stick to 200mcg.

  • Thank you. Yes Vit D3, Magnesium, iron and B12 most are deficient with especially if you have thyroid disease. I am staying away from iodine incase. I mean there is some in multi vitamin but not a lot.

  • I agree SeasideSusie - the usual stated requirement is about 75 micrograms a day.

    200 micrograms is getting on for three times that.

    And 400 micrograms is often regarded as the maximum anyone should take.

    I certainly would NOT take 400 micrograms on a regular basis. Though I am quite sure others will disagree. :-)

  • I take 500 of magnesium citrate. one morning & ONE EVENING. What do you take?

  • I take Natural Calm magnesium citrate powder as a drink during late evening, the recommended serving gives approx 450g magnesium.

  • ok. i meant i take 2 daily totaling 500 also lol, I didn't know there is a powder for a drink. Does it taste bad?

  • This is the one I take they also do a raspberry-lemon flavour. They should be easy enough to get in the US

    The plain one doesn't taste bad, I mix the powder with a small amount of warm water, let it fizz and cool then top up with some orange juice, makes a pleasant enough drink. I've not tried the flavoured one.

    (Just found it on )

    It's meant to relax so I take it in the evening. I also find it helps with bowels, along with Vit C and occasional other help if necessary.

    I'm not good with capsules so try to find alternatives if possible, even opening capsules and missing contents with juice after I've checked with the manufacturer that it's possible.

  • thank you for the info. i know what you mean about the capsules. i am getting tired of taking so many.

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