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When to take zinc, selenium supplements

I take my thyroid meds in the morning when I wake up, along with my antidepressants, my vitamin B complex tablet and my pill. I take my vitamin B12 and vitamin D with my breakfast, a couple of hours after I get up. I take my ferrous fumarate supplement before going to bed, along with 1000mg vitamin C, montelukast and lithium.

Given the above, when would be the best time to take zinc and selenium supplements? Are they liable to interact significantly with any of my other meds?

Many thanks

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I'm no expert by any means but all advice on here is that you should wait at least one hour after taking thyroid medication before taking other medication and then 4 hours before taking supplements such as vitamins and minerals. Clemmie


You should not be taking anti - depressants alongside any form of thyroxine, it stops it being absorbed.


That's an interesting assertion. Could you point me in the direction of a reputable source, please?


Glynsrose, my doctor who prescribes both Zoloft and Levothyroxine has never said anything to this affect. Is this true and do you have more sources about this that you can share? Thanks, ~D


Glynisrose is no longer active here.


Thank you for responding and quick too.

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Hose - it is simply listed on the patient's leaflet that anti-depressants should not be combined with levothyroxine.


That's interesting: my patient leaflet just says to tell my doctor if I'm taking, not that they shouldn't be taken together.



You are quite right - that is what it says on at least two of the three makes. And it doesn't actually say "ALL antidepressants" but a few, specific ones. (Maybe that needs to be revised, but it is what it says right now.)

Most PILs here:

It is also somewhat confusing at times what is meant. Is that taking the tablets in the same swallow or merely being on both medicines even if taken hours apart?

It is quite clear that some supplements, medicines, foods and drinks do interfere with thyroid hormone absorption if taken within a short time, up to four hours for iron supplements. There is simply not enough research across all the various combinations to be sure. And, at least sometimes, it might not be the active ingredients that matter but the excipients (other ingredients). So even which make of each other substance might be important.


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