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Test results for hubby

TSH 2.93 miu/L (0.27-4.20)

Iron serum ferritin 83ugl (30.00-400.00ugL )

Folate 9.1ng/ml (30.00.400.00ug/L)

B12 358 ng/L (180.00-866.00ngl)

EGFRCREAT may 2016 was 77

June 2016 87 mlmin 90.00-99999

Mild renal dysfunction has had a virus.

Testosterone 12.3 nmol/L (6.70-25.80 nmol/L

sserum cortisol 254 nmol/L

Vitamin d requested but not done.

youngest of three siblings who are all on thyroxine and diabetic.

he is not diabetic.

he has no energy. Very irriatable. Brain fog. Can't be bothered. Has always been laid back and very happy person but not anymore.

he also has eczema and psoriasis.

doctoedoctor has given him a clean bill of health and offered him antidepressants.

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B12 is way too low ....

Please take time to read what the above website has to offer ....

It would have been helpful to have more than the TSH tested - the FT4 and FT3 would tell you more about the thyroid activity. However as you will see from reading the above link many of the symptoms overlap - and a B12 of around 1000 is preferred.

I am not a medic - just a Hashimotos sufferer with a B12 issue :-)


Thank you Marz. Brilliant article x


Yes will have to do private test for thyroid my doctors never test t3

Thanks. Does he need injections or just tablets of so how much does he need to take.


I would suggest JARROW Methylcobalamin 5000mcg from Amazon - they need to be kept under the tongue until they have dissolved and taken up by the micro-circulation - and so avoiding the stomach/gut. Just one a day.

Also take a GOOD B Complex - order at the same time - maybe Thorne Research.

If you have read the link I gave you - then you will know that there are other tests that are required. It also important to read as much as possible to ensure you can keep ahead of the GP :-)


I appreciate advice but we have a problem with our doctors they will not help he has been in four times in last 3 weeks. I have been iron deficient for years until I came into this site it's on my records but the gp never told me. We are currently going to change our doctors.


Shall we still get a private test done.


I would work on the iron - folate - B12 - first as Thyroid hormones do NOT work well without there being optimal levels ....

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Thanks will do.

People on this site know of my struggle with thyroid after rai. He has been my rock now he is unwell everything gone down the pan and we both are at rock bottom. Now my 14 year old some is unwell has been for years but docs keep saying growing pains. He has thyroid testing every year. But he has symptoms like me he wakes up with bruises on his legs and chest the yellow kind and he is always unwell. He having more bloods today. I feel that my doctors are black balling my family because of me and that fact after 8 years they have not helped me. So when I told them I was going to help myself with alternative meds ie t3 and NDT they told me if I don't stick to levothyroxine that they would not help me. So relationship is strained with them and of course they all have meetings to discuss patients and I think that they think I am behind my other family members illness when blood tests speak for themselves. I have never given my family members anything. But both sides of our families have thyroid problems . My husband family all all hypo. My family range from graves disease and hypo. Also paneciaa anaemia runs in my family along with celiacs. So isn't it right to keep on top of things when history defines itself. Heart disease and cancer genes are taking note of in families so why not endocrinal disease why are GPS so ignorant of endo disease which can last a life time of wondering what the dickens is wrong with you.

doctors don't like you to be informed that is bottom of the line.

Sorry but I am exasperated and overwhelmed at moment.

Thanks Kate.


Of course I totally understand your problems. Click onto my name and you can read my Profile - the edited version :-) My journey to wellness has been difficult and a bumpy ride !!

My husband has Hashimotos too - like me. We are 77 and 70 and look after our own testing and treatment.

My daughter now 47 - has had thyroid cancer and further cancers. My grandchildren - I have 5 - suffer with Low B12 - absorption issues - low iron and I am constantly looking out for them. Some are coeliacs and have many issues that gluten sensitivities can bring.

it is a question of staying calm and working through it all slowly. Everyone is here to give you the support you need - you are not alone :-)

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Made me cry. You and your hubby look fantStic.

I also have hip and spine problems but when I go to doctors they don't do anything just stare at me and say it's because you are messing about with your thyroid meds.

and im scared that something is going to be missedbecause of this attitude towards me.


I too have spinal issues - mostly due to B12 problems I feel. Now that I have learned more about B12. Having lost the Terminal Ileum when I was operated on with the TB - I was NOT told that I would need B12 injections for life. I was 27. B12 is metabolised in that area of the gut. I have been on weekly injections for the last 3 years and have noticed much needed improvements.

I teach yoga 2/3 times a week - in an effort to keep the muscles strong.

We really do have to learn for ourselves as mainstream medicine is all about pills and potions and not searching for the root cause ....

Hang in there :-) x


Also my mom who is hypo and been on 100mgs of thyroxine for 20 years is ok but I know she could be better she is 75. I love my mother so much but she lives 300miles away and Im to ill to drive to see her. She gets the coach to see me to look after me I hate it. I want to be to look after her as she gets older.

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..... that time will come ..... :-)


As well as the excellent advice that Marz has given, his ferritin and folate are also way too low - ferritin is ideal halfway through the range and his folate is also below range. My guess would be that his Vitamin D would be low as well and supplementing 5000IU per day would quite possibly help with some of his symptoms.

I really don't understand why doctors insist on saying everything is normal when the results come out below or over range - what's the point in having the ranges at all if they're going to ignore them? Sorry. Rant over :|


How much iron should he supplement and how long for.

what is folate which b vitamin is this is it b9



I personally use Spatone, which is quite a gentle iron supplement (some can upset the stomach or cause constipation and I wanted to avoid both). It's not as strong as some supplements but seems to be better tolerated than most. Take it last thing at night with half a glass of orange juice (or a good Vitamin C supplement) to aid absorption. As for the folate, yes this is B9. A decent B complex will contain about 400mcg of folate and will also keep the B vitamins in balance if he also needs B12 supplementation (Pure Encapsulations does a good B complex to give you a choice with the Thorne Research one mentioned by Marz).

As for how long to take the iron, it depends on how quickly his ferritin rises - perhaps a couple of months and then get it retested. Too much iron is as undesirable as too little - it may be that his iron is a little higher than it would normally be in the test results above as you mention he had a viral infection and inflammation can raise iron.

Hope this helps

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Thanks why does a virus raise iron. So does this meen that it will drop after the virus has gone. What about his thyroid I thought everyone had to be at 1.0.

Anyway over to me. My iron is at 35 and has been for over a year. The doctor has given me . Ferrous gluconate 300mg twice a day I take a non ascorbic vitamin c with it. Normal vitc gives me the runs. I was taking a solgar gentle iron 25mgs but obviously not enough. Can you give me feed back on this please.



Any inflammation in the body can raise iron levels so it's always wise to bear that in mind when testing is done. Mine were slightly elevated because of a grumbling tooth root infection of which I was unaware until I started to get serious pain and had the tooth out - the root ball was 3x the size of the tooth with the infected tissue that came out.

Raising iron levels can be tricky. If you already have absorption issues (by the sound of things you all do) then it's a case of trying to find supplements which are most suited to what you need. A lot of off the shelf supplements have numerous excipients which can inhibit absorption. I'm not saying that's the case with the Fe Gluconate that you've been taking, simply it may be worth your while to try different forms of iron to see which works best for you. I'm very careful about the supplements I buy.and found that the cheaper ones with more fillers just didn't work as well for me - it took a couple of months to discover that I had absorption issues. Because Spatone is liquid, my assumption is that it is absorbed by the body more efficiently than tablet form - certainly I've been very happy to see my iron going up to 78, which in turn means that those levels can support my NDT and my B12 supplementation.

As for his thyroid result, although his TSH may seem to indicate that his thyroid may be struggling, it would be prudent to get his T3 and T4 tested - Blue Horizon does finger prick tests privately and is used frequently by members (myself included) - their Thyroid Plus 10 will check T3/T4 and both sets of thyroid antibodies to get a fuller picture of what's going on with his thyroid.

I've found that getting my B12 levels up has cured the bursitis in my hip, got rid of my regular headaches and improved my mood and temper tremendously and I no longer want to commit murder (which I seemed to feel like doing most days before self diagnosing!)

Vitamin D can be tested via a blood spot test by City Assays for £28 (it's the same test the NHS uses anyway).

Sorry for the long reply! Hope this is useful :)


I am on600mg a day if I was to swap to another iron supplement what and how much do I take. If it was in liquid form for example.


Hi Kate

Ferrous Gluconate tablets contains 38mg of elemental iron so 76mg in 2 tabs. Research seems to indicate 10% of the tablet form is absorbed (assuming no absorption issues) = 7.6mg. Spatone sachet has 5mg with a reported 40% absorption = 2mg. I would suggest starting with 2x sachets (4mg). (Bearing in mind that the prescription Ferrous Gluconate contains the following list in the coating alone: (I'm surprised anything is absorbed at all through this lot!)


Polyvinylacetate phthalate,

Stearic acid,


Calcium carbonate,


Titanium dioxide (E171),

Ponceau 4R Red (E124) ,

Carnauba wax,

White beeswax &



God no wonder my stomach hurts



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Where can i get spatone from.



Loads of places. Even Boots stocks it. If you have trouble with orange juice, they do a variety already in apple juice which may be easier on your poor stomach :)


Hi kjc1tisdell. I am another Hashimotos sufferer it sounds like your husband has a few autoimmune diseases - psoriasis is one, Hashimotos is another where the thyroid tissue gets destroyed - he needs to have his antibodies tested along with his Vit D.

He'll need to look to his diet as the first step, something in his diet (usually gluten) is triggering this response but underlying gut issues are also exasperating the problem - you can probably be sure he has leaky gut which leads to the nutrient deficiencies and antibodies attack.

Ask his doc to test his Thyroid antibodies - TPO AB and TG AB.

I'm also not a doctor but I've been researching autoimmunity for a while now.

Best of luck to you both 😊


Docs will not test for antibodies unless requested by endo. It's a battle to even get tested for vitamin d. Since the last NHS debt was published it seems my surgery are not doing much testing.

Thanks kate


i have hashimotos & psoriasis. I've has psoriasis a lot longer & stopped using all the creams & pills the dr's gave me a while ago. I use coconut oil, which effectively softens the skin & gets rid of the sand paper feeling. I also use nettle soap, shampoo, conditioner & moisturiser from the soaperie in Scotland

all their product are natural & I have used them for some time, even my hubby & kids use it. my skin has improved so much - I t's worth a try.

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I'm really glad for you and feel for you. It's horrible skin condition. Also it's a pain to clean bath and shower cream with husbands epiderm all over the place.

I will try him on some of these.

Thank you for your input.


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