Feeling fatigue/Metabolism slow

Hello from The USA. Although this is my first post, I have been finding excellent information on the website. Thank you for that.

I have been Hypothyroid for 15 years and have been taking Synthroid all along with relatively no problems up until a couple years ago. Starting feeling dizzy/off balance, ear pain in left ear, blurry vision, extreme fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, weight gain, etc. My GP was no help so I finally made appt. with Endo. who finally diagnosed me with Hashimotos. I am currenlty taking Synthroid 112 mcg/100mcg alternating dosage each day. (started having heart palpitations when increased to 112 mcg daily so this is why I alternate dosage.)

My last blood test results where:

FT3 - 3.20 (range 2.30-4.20)

FT4 - 1.22 (range 0.89-1.76)

TSH - 1.92 (range 0.35-4.00)

B12 - 662 (range >211

Ferritin - 21 (range 10-291)

Folate 15.9 (range >5.4)

Vitamin D - 24 (range 30-100)

The Endo told me all good except Vit. D so supplementing 1000 mg daily. But I have been reading that Ferritin levels should be hire. Should I supplement to get iron stores increased? Still feeling fatigue and still feel sluggish metabolism.

Thank you.

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  • Hi clairclaire Welcome :)))) ferritin is very low, it needs to be over half way in the range to be optimal, supplement with ferrous fumarate 210mg. Your TSH doesn't look too great but it's how you feel that matters. It does seem like you are undermedicated and having hypo symptoms and sometimes it does take a while to adapt to the increases and can feel like we are going hyper when we just need to give it time. Maybe you could slowly increase? B12 is optimal at 1000 so could maybe do with supplementing that also. If you mean 1000mcg and not mg with the Vitamin D it needs to be a higher dose to raise those levels. Sounds like your gp is being over cautious there. When supplementing Vitamin D you should also be taking Vitamin K2 with it so that the vitamin goes straight to the bones and doesn't collect in other areas. Some supplements contain both vitamins

  • Thanks for the reply. I will start the iron supplement first and see if the fatigue gets any better. I have to go for blood work in June. I will see what TSH/FT3/FT4 results are. I Was also thinking that maybe I just need the 112 mcg Synthroid and this would hopefully help my slow metabolism.

  • Good thinking, much better to take it a step at a time. Otherwise it can become too much and you don't know what's causing the problems. It is taking me a long time for it all to sink in and to take the steps that are suitable for me. But I am getting there and so will you. keep asking the questions, it's an education that's for sure! Good luck and I hope you feel better soon :)

  • Since you are in the States and on insurance, you should be able to find a dr who will give you Armour, if you want to try that. My neice in the States has a dr who could come straight off this forum... Yours isn't very good if he doesn't know that ferritin so low will be making you tired. Get it up to 80 or 100 and see how you feel.

  • I agree, Doctors not so good. I did ask the Endo about NDT and she looked at me with "horror" saying "NDT is not stable, you never know what you are going to get". She also told me that the only supplements I should need to take is Vitamin D and Calcium and nothing more. Unfortunately, I can only go to a Doctor that is in my insurance "plan". Otherwise I would have to self-pay which is difficult for me at this time.

  • In fact, Synthroid and other levothyroxine products have been recalled lots of times. Armour has been recalled once, as far as I know.




  • Your doctor really should have told you about K2 if you are supplementing Calcium as well as the D.

  • No she did not mention vit k. My son also needs to take vit D and his Dr. Has never told us that either. How much vit. K daily should I take?

  • As far as I'm aware it seems to be a fairly recent thing but not too recent where doctors wouldn't be up with it. I am still learning myself, but I'm sure you just take the suggestions from here and still do your own research and ask others until you come to your own conclusions. It seems to be quite important to take the k2 with the D as it directs the calcium to the bones and so helps to stop it forming in arteries. I am not sure of ratios but considering that you are on a calcium supplement then you really should look into it before you continue with supplementing D. How deficient are your sons levels? He may be okay with one that is combined. I would re post and ask again and get others views as I don't know an awful lot, but it can result in a condition called hypercalcification if you don't supplement the K2

  • I will do some research on it. Thanks for your help. Just want to feel "normal" again.

  • You're very welcome :) I get it, so do I, keep asking questions they are amazing here

  • Hi!

    I'm also in the USA. Your results seem to indicate that you are undermedicated. I only started to feel well when my TSH is below 1.0. You also might need some T3. I currently take 125 mcg levothyroxine along with 12.5 mg time-release thyroid extract (T3).

    I recently started taking a liquid supplement by Live Wise Naturals that contains D3 and K2.

    It is non GMO and a single drop contains 1,208 IU of D3 and 25 mcg of MK-7. Each bottle contains 1,000 drops.

    It has a strong mint flavor (think Altoid) so it's like having an after dinner mint!

    I like that I easily control the amount I'm taking - more on some days, less on others - and the liquid form is readily absorbed.

    I bought it on Amazon but I imagine there are many sources. You can start out with one drop and then progress. When my d3 was low, I was taking 5,000 IU daily and it raised my levels in a few months time.

    I also had low ferritin. I've tried many supplements to raise it and currently take Vitron-C and Feretts Iron along with Acerola C to aide in absorption. I take one each at lunchtime to not interfere with my thyroid meds.

    I really think, tho, that getting on the proper dose of thyroid meds is really what helped my fatigue. It takes a long time to raise ferritin levels. As long as your iron levels are okay, you are probably okay.

  • Yes, I think I need to try and just take the 112 mcg Synthroid without alternating and see if this makes me feel more alive. I just don't want to get heart palpatations again.

  • Maybe ask around for drs who are a bit more informed and open minded .. she sounds like a dinosaur. My niece will be on a plan too, I would think there will be someone better if you keep searching.

  • The funny thing is is she is a younger Dr. And I thought she would be more open to NDT. I am going to speak with her about it at my next appt. Next month. If she won't work with me then I will try to find a Dr. Who will.

  • you are ill with an autoimmune disease and this causes fatigue. Dr. Mark Hyman and izabella wentz have websites devoted to reversing autoimmune disease. Maybe it could help you. I am working on this now.

  • no dose of thyroid med, has gotten me back to normal..the immune system really needs to be addressed.

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