Newest Test Results

Just had testing today. results are:

T3, FREE 2.57 (2.30-4.20) pg/mL

T4, FREE 1.04 (0.89-1.76) ng/dL

TSH 3.26 (0.35-4.00) uIU/mL

I am currently taking Synthroid 112 mcg. This increase has been for about a year now. Although I feel "better" on the increased level, I still don't feel "myself". Still having trouble sleeping/staying asleep, fatigue/loss of energy (some days better than others), anxiety.

Actually my TSH has increased from last test I had in September 2016 it was 2.04, FT3 was 3.05 and FT4 was 1.17.

Going to see Endo next week. Just wondering what you all think of my current test results and what could make my TSH increase, FT3 lowering since last testing just 3 months ago.


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  • You definitely look under medicated to me. Also, have you had your antibodies tested for Hashimoto's?

  • I do have Hashimotos. I also recently found out I have Celiac disease. so just started working on gluten free eating. Do you think that could be the reason for increase in TSH?

  • Yes, I agree, you are under-medicated, and your conversion isn't brilliant, either. So, your FT3 is much too low. An increase in synthroid will probably help. But, might be an idea to get your vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin tested, too. :)

  • I did have vitamin D tested and it is insufficient. 27 (30-100).

  • So, are you supplementing that? What with?

    And if that is low, the others are probably low, too. So, you should get them tested. :)

  • I take multi vitamin with D in it. maybe I need to start taking higher dose. Does vit D deficiency affect Thyroid levels?

  • Vit D deficiency affects absorption and conversion of thyroid hormones.

    You won't be getting nearly enough vit D in a multi vit. In fact, you probably won't be getting anything at all out of it! They really are dire, for the most part, and a complete waste of money. Which one are you taking?

    You'd be far better off getting your levels tested, and just taking what you need with individual supplements.

  • I take Nature made multi for women 50 plus. I have had other vitamin and minerals tested in the past. my doctor said they are good. She said I should just need to take calcium and vitamin D. but I had the multi vitamins already so I just keep taking them. Also had other hormones tested by Gynocologist and she told me I am in perimenopaus. Sometimes think some of symptoms related to this. ???

  • A complete waste of time and money, as I said. The cheapest ingredients, (folic acid, cyanocobalamin, etc.) and not enough of anything to treat a real deficiency.

    Plus, when you take a bunch of minerals like that, they cancel each other out. Plus iron taken with vitamins will wipe out the vitamins. You're not getting anything out of that multivitamin. And, even if you did, I doubt you want iodine and calcium. Have you had either of them tested? They are both very bad things to take if you don't need them.

    Your doctor's idea of 'good' vitamins and minerals, probably wouldn't be ours. Doctors know nothing about nutrition, so for them, anything vaguely in range is counted as 'good'. Do you have the actual numbers?

  • Your FT3 is only 14% up in range, and your FT4 is only 17% up in range. You are definitely under-dosed on T4. First, you need to increase your Synthroid. If that makes you feel worse, or has no effect, then you need to add in T3.

    Multivitamins are not sufficient to bring critical nutrients up. For instance, when I take vitamin D, I take 7000 IU at a time. Because you have had celiac, you are undoubtedly low on many nutrients. You need to have a comprehensive supplement program. Be esp. aware that celiac impacts your protein digestive ability (as I learned from having celiac myself); you could be hypoprotein, as revealed by a Total Blood Protein test. If you cannot digest protein, you could do as I do: use free amino acids.

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