Can someone have alook at my results

Reference Range

Free T4 13.05 12 - 22 pmol/L

Free T3 5.68 3.1 - 6.8 pmol/L

TSH 1.36 0.27 - 4.20 IU/L

T4 Total 76.7 64.5 - 142.0 nmol/L

Immunology Anti-Thyroidperoxidase abs 8.1 <34 kIU/L

Anti-Thyroglobulin Abs 13.9 <115 kU/L

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  • Were ferritin, folate and B12 tested?

  • Hi dmxdex2020

    Welcome to the forum. I'm sure there will be other comments/advice along shortly but, to me, your results look pretty normal as your T3 is more or less in the top 25% of the range. Are you on any thyroid medication at present? Do you have any symptoms?

  • Your results are normal.

    As josiesmum has asked to your have test results for B12, folate and ferritin? Plus vitamin D?

    Lots of people feel terrible and often one of these is the culprit even if the doctors say the result is "normal".

  • I had ferritin and B12 done on the NHS about 2 years ago. Might do them privately

  • I have not been diagnosed with any thyroid problem as tests show normal ranges

    i have been advised to test reverse T3 also.

    My symptoms

    No morning erections

    Libido up and down

    Joint aches from time to time

    Tiredness that alternates with fatigue

    Depression in vary degrees sometimes managable sometimes gets in the way. not as severe now im 30 but i still struggle to enjoy things i like and doing things with my daugher. depression gets worse during stress

    Anxiety less severe but gets worse during stress

    Motivational issues

    Cognition problems such as poor short term memory and very forgetful. struggle to think quick

    On that not i was diagnosed with adhd at 28 im 30 now recently back on dexedrine which is the only thing helps energy and give me some enjoyment out of life

    My calfs tend to cramp easily. Been on magnesium liquidm, seems to have helped

    easily cramping in legs

    Irritable and mood swings

    Tired getting up in morning

    Muscles can feel weak sometimes

    I have belly flab and seem to have fat in breast area

    My cortisol is high midmorning to evening time. Morning and night came back clear despite tired in morning and waking often at 3 or 4ish

    She said my DHEA is fine but very close to Low range.

    She said despite morning cortisol being fine she feels it may be dropping some mornings.

    Overall she said no adrenal fatigue.

    All tests results from this year below

    Results of cortisol saliva samples

    Ranges in mnol/l

    7-9am 13.95 Range is 7.45-32.56

    11-1pm 13.48 Range is 2.76-11.31

    3-5pm 7.67 Range is 1.38 -7.45

    10-12pm 1.20 Range 0.83-3.86

    Sum of cortisol 36.3

    DHEA mean 0.75

    DHEA Cortisol Ratio 0.084 Range 0.015-0. 150

    Genova said 11-1pm and 3-5pm are high

    She also said even though my 7-9am are in range it may be low

    I did post my prolactin from jan which is too high apprently

    2015 Serum Prolactin 331 mu/L 401

    This was translated to 15.6 ng/ml

    Problem I seen with prolactin is ranges seem to vary alot from place to place.

    My TSH from jan 2015

    Serum TSH level 1.79 mu/L 0.35 - 6.00

    Testosterone 30.7 nmol/L Apprently that is slightly high

    SHBG 48 nmol/L

    Free Androgen Index 62.9 Ratio

    Free-Testosterone(Calculated) nmol/L 0.591

    Testosterone-Bioavailable 12.80 nmol/L Apprently too high

    E2 124 the reference range is 28.0-156 pmoI/L in pg/ml thats 34

  • My e2 levels are too high and prolactin.

  • Yea but im unlikey to have that. no family history and levels are fine

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