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Latest Blood Results

TSH 0.04 (0.35 - 5.0)   last one was 0.03

T4 15.0 (9.0 - 21.00) last one 18.1 (Jan) 20.1 (May15)

Serum Vit B12 314 (200 -900)

Folate 7.8 (3.1 - 20.0)

Ferritin 36 (15-200) last one 56 (may 15) 16 (jan15)

Haemoglobin 164 (115-165) previously 154, 150

Haematocrit 0.482 (0.370- 0.470)

Had a phone consultation with the Doctor, who ruled out B12 deficiency, Blue Horizon had a different result entirely. Theirs was L 193 but no reference ranges.

A few of the results differ but GP going on his own results which i understood entirely. He was very nice actually and advised that even though results all look good, apart from Ferritin (I'm back on 3 iron tablets a day as of yesterday) that he wasn't finished trying to help me. He believes in my symptoms and said just because he hadn't found anything yet, didn't mean he was going to give up. He has also referred me to an Endocrinologist, so i will just need to keep my fingers crossed.

Any thoughts on my results would be greatly appreciated, i also had some more bloods taken yesterday, not sure what for, but when i get them back i will post results.

Thanks and once again all comments greatly appreciated.

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I've had two B12 tests with Blue Horizon - the first one through a Spire Hospital (vacutainer blood draw) for a comprehensive test and the range was 191-663ng/L. The second one was a BH Thyroid Plus 10 done by fingerprick and the range was Deficient <140pmol/L, Insufficient 140-250, Consider reducing >725. I hope that helps with interpretation of your B12 result.

EDITED TO ADD: Just looked at your previous post where you posted your BH Thyroid Plus 10 results, you did give that range for B12 on there.

You could do with getting your B12 up to around 900. Solgar or Jarrow Methylcobalamin sublingual is a good choice (don't take cyanocobalamin)

Your folate is low, at least half way through the range is what you should aim for. Leafy green veg can help, or supplementing. You can get a B Complex with methylfolate (natural form, don't go for one with folic acid which is synthetic) and that can help. B Complex should be taken when supplementing B12 to balance the B vitamins. Thorne is a good one.

Take your iron supplements with at least 1000mg Vit C to aid absorption.

Until your vits and mins are optimal your thyroid hormone wont be able to do it's job properly.

I see from your previous post that you have high TPO and Tg antibodies. Have you tried going gluten free as suggested in that post? Some people also need to go dairy free. Also I believe supplementing with selenium can help.

You mention constipation in your previous post. I've suffered most of my life with it, currently using Psyllium and Apple Pectin capsules by Nutri Advanced and that is helping.

Another thought, have you had a 24hour adrenal stress test? Genova do a saliva one. I have low adrenal reserve and that is being addressed. Also my sex hormones are rock bottom. All these things are connected and need balancing.

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Thanks for that very helpful reply. Wasn't sure whether to wait for Endo appointment before taking supplements, or start now?


It might be an idea to wait for the endo appointment, you might be lucky and get an enlightened one (well, we can live in hope!). Any idea when it will be? Your choice but if it was me I think I might be starting the supplements. You can take your past results with you (probably not the BH ones, I think they're allergic to them!), although your NHS test results may be on your record if he looks. He can then see where your results lay before and compare with any new ones he wants done. You could always say something like "Oh, that seems to have improved since I've been supplementing with...............".

One other thing, when you have your thyroid function tests done, do you leave your meds off for 12-24 hours before blood draw, and have blood drawn as early as possible, eg 8.30am? No breakfast and water only before blood draw? That will help as your TSH will be higher then.

Also, have you had a Vit D test? If not you can get one done through City Assays which is the lab of City Hospital (NHS) in Birmingham. Costs £28 and results back within a week. Very easy, just a blood spot test posted off to them, result by email. Vit D also part of the whole picture.

Many years ago I was referred to an endo and the appointment was months away. GP wrote to him and said I was disappointed with the long wait and could he see me sooner. I got an appointment within two months. I have to say, though, I wish I'd never bothered, he was an absolute pig, rude, obnoxious and treated me like a naughty two year old. After three appointments with him, and he continually reducing my dose of levo because he wanted the TSH in range and sod the FT4 and FT3, and me leaving each appointment in tears and so ill, I asked my GP if she knew what he was like. She answered she knew him by reputation (which said it all). I refused to see him again, she agreed with me and promptly increased my levo because she was willing to take my symptoms into account without bowing to the god TSH! I hope you have a much better outcome.

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Yes I always leave meds for 24 hours when being tested, and always tested on an empty stomach, first thing. I think I will start with the supplements, because I'm not naive enough to believe the endo will be the answers to my prayers. Thanks


Your B12 is low enough to cause symptoms, whatever your doctor thinks. I would never take advice from a doctor on nutrients, because they just Don't know anything about it.  

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I agree. I'm going to start B12 supplements and see for myself. 

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Well I received a phone call from the doctor on Friday. He advised he had written to endo sending my blood results, and endo has written back to advise he won't see me as my blood results on levo are just fine. So back to square one. I have started the solgar B12 tablets just over a week ago, and have been on the iron tablets now for about 2 weeks or so. Any idea how long it takes for vitb12 tablets to work?


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