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Help with latest results


Good morning all, I am still not feeling great. I have managed to get a copy of my latest results from December 15. Could you give me some advice please.

I take 100mg Levothiroxine and 800iu vitamin d my GPS said I will need this for at least another year. I was taking 1000 jarrow b12 but have run out ( need to order some) I also usually take a supermarket own brand b complex and and effervescent vitamin c with my b12. I was on iron tablets until middle of last year but was told to stop when ferritin levels reached 115. Was gonna ask Gp for increase in Levothiroxine 25mg per day to try get TSH to 1 or below. Any advice would be appreciated. Gp said all bloods normal.

15th December

Serum ferritin 24 Ug/L 15-200ug/L

Serum vital D 64.7nmol/L >50nmol/L

Serum TSH 1.40mu/L 0.40-5.00mu/L

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Sorry cannot read your picture :-)

vickylou36 in reply to Marz

I have edited and added results.

Marz in reply to vickylou36

Thank you ! Your Ferritin is VERY LOW and you will need to supplement along with VitC If you type - Iron supplements - in the Search HealthUnlocked Box above on the Green Bar and then press Enter - previous discussions about Iron/Ferritin will appear for you to peruse and to find the best for you.

The 800IU's of D3 you are taking will do little to improve your levels. A dose of 5000 IU's through the winter would be preferable with another test before the Spring. VitD is fat soluble and needs to be taken with the main meal or with good fats. Also take VitK2 to ensure the improved calcium levels are directed to your bones.

I would also continue with the B12 as it is SO important. You may need to explore why your Ferritin dropped so rapidly ? Yes I agree an increase in your Levo would be helpful. If the GP thinks that will cause you to be over medicated - then you should reply - that without a FT4 and FT3 reading that is impossible to tell.

Thanks Marz I will email my Dr regarding the ferritin and ask him if he will investigate why it has dropped so quickly. Also I will ask for an increase with my Levothiroxine.

I don't know anything about vitamin k2 what dose would you recommend and do you take it at the same time as vitamin D?


If your ferritin level dropped from 115 to 24 in about 6 months then, as Marz says, you need to find out the reason. It may be necessary to take an iron supplement all the time. But what level of dosage you would need to keep your levels healthy and you feeling well would require regular testing to find out.

It would require help from your doctor, if they agreed to play ball, or frequent private testing.

vickylou36 in reply to humanbean

Hi humnbean, sorry for the late reply. I managed to get to the doctors a couple of days ago although couldn't get an appointment with my usual GP. She has agreed to increase my Levothiroxine from 100 to 125 every day. She said my ferritin is fine and refused supplements she couldn't find all of my blood tests on the computer and at first couldn't find that I had even been supplementing with iron tablets. She has agreed to retest ferritin in 6 weeks (she said just to put my mind at rest) when my thyroid tests are done. Thanks for your help.


She is not on the ball. Is there an obvious reason for your iron loss, eg, heavy periods? i think your panic attacks may well be due to your iron depletion. take b6 as well as iron..

vickylou36 in reply to Hidden

Hi Asmara, there is no obvious reason for loss of iron. I have received my bloods back and I am going to start a new post.

Thank you

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