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Blood Test Results and Advice

Blood Test Results and Advice

Hi there, 

I am looking for some advice re my recent blood test, photo attached.  The advice I have had from here so far has been fabulous. I feel quite well just now on Nature-thyroid 3 grain but my TSH is very suppressed. 

 My previous bloods were done in December on Nature-throid 2 grain and and were as follows:- TSH 0.82 range 0.27-4.2, Free Thyroxine 11.8 range 12-22,  free t3 4.8 range 3.1-6.8. 

I have increased gradually and have been feeling much better upto 3 grain.

I feel I should maybe reduce my dose to 2.75 grain or 2.5 grain but I am concerned that my free thyroxine may drop to low.  I felt pretty unwell on 2grain in Dec and my free thyroxine was below range at this time.

Currently take Jarrows b12  am and good multivitamin in evening so not to interfere with absorption of Nature-throid.

If I drop by 1/4 and get bloods done in 6 weeks does that seem reasonable.  

Is there anything else I should consider? 

Thank you for all your help.  Amanda

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If you feel well, leave well alone - stay on 3 grains. TSH being suppressed doesn't matter if your FT3 is in range, though most doctors and many endos don't seem to get that (my other half has had a similar argument with her endonob today...). 


you are simply euthyroid, meaning perfectly balanced, 

this tsh range has been altered often,

forget it, als long as your puls is fine , and you sleep ok, and your heartbeat is not felt in your throat you are well.

don´t let a comata rule your health.

the TSH has unfortunately become the golden standard for thyroid patients docs.

and it makes live easier for them.

before tsh  doctors had to dose by symptoms.

now they treat you by a piece of paper, not knowing that this famous TSH test can so easily be falsified.

do yourself a favour and stay well!


Thank you Jazzw and Babsi, I just needed a bit reassurance.  Amanda

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I must tell you that you are wasting your money with a multivit, no matter how 'good' it is - I very much doubt it's that good, just expensive.

There isn't enough of anything in a multi vit to treat any sort of deficiency. Plus there are things you Don't want, plus things that shouldn't be taken together...

You'd be far better off getting a B complex to go with your B12, rather than a multi vit.

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