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Thyroid Test Results Help Pls!

Hi. I thought I could work this out myself using the optimal thyroid range graph from STTM but it's not making sense. This is what I have - please tell me if you think I should increase my nature Throid. I'm currently on 4 grains a day. Thanks in advance.

TSH 1.43 (0.50 - 5.00)

Free thyroxine 8.1 (10.0 - 25.0)

Free T3 7.6 (4.3 - 8.1)

I'm confused because the figures in brackets are different to the ones I usually see posted on here.


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Don't worry about the different figures in brackets - labs all have different ranges. How long have you been on that dose?

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Thanks. Been on 4 grains for 2.5 months, was on 2 then 3 grains for 2 months before that.


Had you taken anything before having this blood taken? I am slightly confused by your (relatively) high TSH & very low T4 but T3 well up in the range. How do you feel?


Yeah I thought that was a bit strange too. I feel better than I did 6 months ago for sure, it's been a very gradual improvement, only just feeling better now. My TSH before this was 3.35 but they didn't check t3 and t4. I forgot and accidentally took my first dose of 2 grains when doc did latest blood tests.


Then I think you might need another test for an accurate idea, but with such a low T4 I would suspect you need more, although 4 grains is quite a bit.


MoaningLisa, the lab ref ranges can vary in adjacent hospital labs and across the country which is why it is important to know the lab ref ranges for your results.

Your TSH is slightly higher than the 1.0 most people are comfortable with and I would expect to see it lower/suppressed on 4 grains of NatureThroid. Don't worry about the FT4. The T3 in NT often means T4 is low because you are ingesting T3 directly and there is not a requirement for higher levels of T4 to convert to T3. Your FT3 is almost at the top of the range but it is very likely that taking 2 grains prior to your blood draw has given a false high reading. I think you have room to increase by half a grain without FT3 going over range.


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