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New blood results not what I expected!

I have recently changed from Armour 2 grain to Nature-throid 2 grain. My blood results have come back as follows;

TSH 1.60 ( 0.3-3.94)

Free T4 14 (12.3-20.2)

FreeT3 6.7 (3.7-6.7)

My ALT is 94 (0.33)

Alkaline phosphatase (35-104)

My TSH on Armour was 0.44 (0.3-3.94)

Has anyone got any ideas on how to adjust my Nature-throid and I am a bit concerned at my free T3

Thank you in advance

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Blood tests are secondary to how the person is feeling.

I think your FT3 is fine at the top of the range. If you wish to reduce your dose just drop by 1/4 tablet if you are taking 1 grain. If you take 2 grs tablet it would be difficult so just drop by a quarter tablet which will be equal roughly to reducing by 50mcg of levo.

Did you leave 24 hours approx between your last dose of T3 and the blood test?

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I can't remember it was done a couple of weeks ago. I am feeling awful from head to toe, I also have primary hyperparathyroidism and excessive weight gain


Poor you to have two conditions to contend with. Weight gain can be sorted out when you feel well again.

Some other members will reply soon I am sure but just reduce your T3 down and see if it also reduces your palps and horrible sensations.


Amanda, Looks like the proportions of T3:T4 in NatureThroid aren't quite right for you. You need a little less T3 and more T4. You might swap 3/4 grain for 50mcg T4.


Is that levothyroxin T4, I don't have any heart palpitation with my currant medication


Amandajl, yes, T4 is Levothyroxine. If you don't feel overmedicated there's no need to change, FT3 is still within range but a dose increase will send it over.


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