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Can anyone tell me what these results mean please?

Got a print out off GP today of blood test I had done last month and they have freaked me out!

Tried to type it as it looks but it's mainly the this first one I'm wondering about.


(MMO300) - high referred already

! Thyroid receptor antibodies. 3. Range 1.00 - 1.80

TRAB > 1.8 iu/l is regarded as positive

Please note change in essay ( B.R.A.H.M.S.) and

reference interval from 04/03/13

Serum Vit D - (KO300) Await decision

OH Vitamin D (total)

This request is being reviewed to ensure it meets

the minimum PCT approved criteria for Vitamin D

analysis. Decision to follow - please contact the

laboratory if you wish to discuss.

Thyroid function test - (KO300) - Normal - No


Serum TSH level 1.1. miu/l 0.27 - 4.20miu/l

Serum freeT4 level 17.5 pmol/L 12.30 - 20.20pmol/L

Serum parathyroid hormone - (KO300)- 33 ng/ L 10.00 - 65. 00ng/L

SERUM FOLATE - (KO300) - Normal - No


Serum folate 9 ug/L 3.00 - 16.00ug/L

Serum vitamin B12 327. ng/L 197.00. - 771.00ng/L

FERRITIN - (KO300) - Normal no action

Serum ferritin 74 Ug/L 13. 00. - 150. 00ug/L

There are other results too but just listed the ones I was most concerned about and don't want to blind everyone with science as they say!

Thank you to anyone who can offer any help or advice I'm very grateful

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For info on the TRAb antibodies, see this link :

It suggests you have Graves' Disease, which is a subject I know nothing about, sorry. I can imagine this is a scary prospect. I would have thought Free T3 was an essential test in someone with TRAb antibodies, but what do I know? I'll be interested in the views of someone who knows more about it.

Regarding your folate, ferritin and B12, the only one that I would worry about is the B12. It's too low. The Pernicious Anaemia Society recommends a level of 1000. The Japanese think anything under 500 denotes deficiency. B12 isn't poisonous, and you pee out any excess, so being over the range is not a problem.

The usual supplement recommended is Methylcobalamin, either by Jarrow Formulas or Solgar, 1000mcg per day should be okay. It can be bought on Amazon easily enough. Stick a tablet in your mouth between teeth and cheek or under the tongue (wherever you find most comfortable), and allow it to slowly dissolve. No sucking or chewing. Don't swallow it whole.

It is a good idea to take a B Complex with B12. Methylfolate works well for many people, in preference to folic acid. There are different forms of vitamins and the best ones are those in the form that the body can easily absorb without having to do any conversion. I use Thorne Basic B Complex (again, from Amazon) - this only needs to be swallowed, nothing fancy required. It works well for me.


Thank you humanbean for your reply. I am a bit confused to be honest as I am taking levothyroxine 75mcg for hypothyroid and I thought Graves' disease was something you had when when hyperthyroid.

I was hyper before I had RAI treatment 3 years ago and had Graves' disease then. I'm really not at all sure what my next move should be my Vit d result hasn't some through and I'm waiting to see my usual GP as she's on holiday I just don't trust the other docs and I was refered to local hospital but had no appointment to see endo that referral was nearly 12 months ago! My GP has no explanation as to why I've not had an appointment I wondered if they are looking at blood tests results done by my GP and are just judging the TSH. I have said I don't wish to see someone who is just looking at TSH to treat me as we know on this site it's not the whole picture or answer.

I had thought my B12 was low so I need to get the supplements you suggest and give that a try.

Thank you for taking the time to reply to me it's much appreciated.


I found this old thread dated 2009 from another forum based in the US that seems to be very relevant to your situation with RAI and Graves - you might find it helpful :

I wonder if you've ever been tested for TPO and TG antibodies? It is perfectly possible for people to have Hashimoto's and Graves's together.


Thank you humanbean I really appreciate your help. I had no idea that you could be hypothyroid and have graves. Feeling like this illness is something I will never understand


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