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I am 28 unmarried female. I want to know that what type of Thyroid I have.

I always have done Total T3 T4 TSH .MY PHYSICIAN is not telling me in a proper way. Even She didn't tell me what type of Hypothyroidism I have. NO one give a right guidance about this .

My History of Thyroid Tests are mentioned below:-

On 16- January-2012

Total T3 95.2 ng/dL 20-50 years: 70-204 ng/dl

Total T4 8.4 ug/dL Adults- 3.2-12.6 ug/dL

TSH. 7.78 uIU/mL 21-54 years: 0.4-4.2 uIU/mL

On 20-January-2012

Free T3 3.01 pg/mL Adults: 2.3-4.2 pg/ml

Free T4 0.93 ng/dL Adults- 0.89-1.76 ng/dL

TSH. 8.56 uIU/mL 21-54 years: 0.4-4.2 uIU/mL

On 28 - Feb -2013

Total T3 121.56 ng/dL 20-50 years: 70-204 ng/dl

Total T4 9.1 ug/dL Adults- 3.2-12.6 ug/dL

TSH. 7.60 uIU/mL 21-54 years: 0.4-4.2 uIU/mL

On 5-Nov-2013

Total T3 90.9 ng/dL 20-50 years: 70-204 ng/dl

Total T4 7.1 ug/dL Adults- 3.2-12.6 ug/dL

TSH. 8.93 uIU/mL 21-54 years: 0.4-4.2 uIU/mL

on 2 dec 2014

Total T3 is 1.31 nmol/L 0.92-2.33

Total T4 is 76.58 nmol/L 60.0-120.0

TSH is 7.03 uUI/mL 0.25-5.0

Should I do these tests which I mentioned below ?? I am asking because i have not as such as symptoms of Thyroid..

->My weight is 62kg which is normal according to my height 5' 7 & half inches..

-> I have excessive hair growth on face nd whole body with normal hormones level.

-> Unbearable and extreme Ovary pain ,migraine attack before and during menstruation with normal report of ultrasound.

BUT periods are regular.

-> I am surrounding by lots of problems and negative situations BUT

I am Jovial,fun loving,positive by nature.

->tingling in feet ,cold hand and feet in winter ,hot feet in summer.

-> Only I was having these symptoms like thin hair,hair fall,fatigue since only 1year.

there's no another any such a symptoms.

So that firstly I want to confirm properly then i'll start the thyroid medicine.

1. Free T3

2. Free T4

3. TSH

4. TT3,TT4,TSH

5. Reverse T3

6. TPO Ab

7. TGab

8. Calcitonin

9. Cholesterol


11. Iron

12. Zinc

13. Vitamin-D

14. B-12

15. Ferritin

16. Prolactin Level

17. Thyroid Ultrasound

18. Thyroid Gland

19. Folic

20. Cortisol most accurate is the 24 hrs activates

Please tell me if I'll start the thyroid medicine according to all tests then will this medicine bad affect my other hormones which are normal in level like DHEAS,FSH,AMH,LH ?

and what are the whole tests panel to diagnose Hirsutiam.

Thanks and Regards


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At a glance, it seems obvious you have hypothyroidism, but without antibody tests, it's impossible to say whether it's caused by Hashimoto's Disease.

I am unclear whether you are on medication, but with such a high tsh, you really should be.

Hypothyroidism can cause various gynaecological problems -- i have experienced this first hand.

Your symptoms are typical of hypothyroidism, and usually with that you have low b12, low iron and other problems.

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It is common for people with hypothyroidism to lose hair where it belongs (on the scalp) and find it grows where they don't want it (on the chin!)

Getting your thyroid levels right (so that your TSH falls to around 1) should help the rest of your hormone levels, not spoil them.

In your place I would definitely start your thyroid medication, and get a blood test every 6-8 weeks (first thing in the morning, without taking that day's dose before the test) until your FT4 and FT3 levels are at least half way up the range.

The tingling in your feet could be a symptom of low B12, which is common in people with hypothyroidism.


ThanQ.I never start to take thyroid med.To start thyroid medicine is a big confusion for me because there are 3 different opinion regarding the Unit of thyroxin thyronorm (25mcg,50 mcg,75mcg)by MD,Endocrinologist without to know my symptoms,weight and other tests etc.There is no Endocrinologist,where I'm living.That is why I want to do all tests regarding this and want some advice.


The fact you have hirsutism (excess hair growth on the body) indicates an adrenal problem - you are producing too high a level of androgenic hormones.. There's a good article about this problem as below and I give some important summarisation:

Sachdeva S. HIRSUTISM: EVALUATION AND TREATMENT. Indian Journal of Dermatology. 2010;55(1):3-7. doi:10.4103/0019-5154.60342.

Hirsutism is a common clinical condition seen in female patients of all ages. It affects around 5-10% of the women and is a common presenting complaint in the dermatological out patient department for cosmetic reasons. The cause is mainly hyperandrogeneism, which may be ovarian or adrenal. Serum TSH: HYPOPHYSEAL HYPOTHYROIDISM CAN ACT AS A COFACTOR IN HIRSUTISM CAUSING RAISED TSH.

Note that TSH can be elevated not directly because of hypothyroidism in this case. So your problem is more likely to be adrenal than thyroid. Especially since ovary scans haven't shown anything.

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ThnQ,so what should I do? Here when I consult to Gynecologist ,MD for hirsutism problem,they always focus on my Thyroid and force me to start Thyroid med.and endocrinologist is confused too.They even not told for other tests apart from DHEAS,LH,FSH,TESTOSTERONE,AMH,ULTRASOUND,Which all reports are normal.Actually i'm totally stuck into gynecologist,MD,Endocrinologist.All are taking me for grant.


I'd try to get the docs to look more at your adrenal production and ovarian problems first. The hirsutism is important in that it directly indicates such problems even if testosterone is normal and these could spill over into raising your TSH, without affecting thyroid hormones per se.


I wouldn't bother wasting money on more tests, you are probably hypothyroid. Note the total T3 and total T4 assays are of no use it is the free T3 and free T4 that are informative. Assuming your physician is willing to prescribe I would try 50 mcg levothyroxine and see how you are in a few months time. If you get better you can fine tune your thyroid medication, if it makes no difference then your physician needs to look for something else.

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I agree with the others. Your thyroid is not producing enough hormone for your body

Perhaps this will explain what can happen but there are various other reasons. You probably should have two antibody tests to prove Hashimoto's or not.

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