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Hashimoto and AIH connection


I wasn't officially diagnosed with Hashimoto by NHS because inspire of elevated antibodies my TSH, T3 and T4 are all within normal range and I still don't need treatment, other related blood tests are also fine except ALT in liver blood test. My ALT is 63 which is twice higher than normal. My GP wants to check me out for Hep B and C which I know I don't have and autoimmune hepatitis (just to be on a safety side?)

How strong is connection between autoimmune thyroiditis and autoimmune hepatitis?

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Ekaterinas2015, having one autoimmune disease does predispose one to others. Google "Autoimmune thyroiditis + autoimmune hepatitis" to see whether there is any connection.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Its the link between raised ALT and hypothyroid that your GP should concentrate on

you are entitled to know all blood test results and should keep a careful record

I bet they are anything but normal with raised antibodies


Hi, thanks for the reply

My blood test showed TSH 1,79 and my GP said it's quite good?

GP would not retest me for antibodies (antibodies were detected with private blood test...)

Do I need treatment with my TSH numbers?


TSH must never be used to assess thyroid function it should only ever be used in conjunction with free t4 and free t3

Because theres a difference between primary and 2ndary hypothyroid

In hypothyroid ALT is often raised as is cholesterol

plus a plethora of symptoms


It takes time before the autoimmune attack on the thyroid causes it to be unable to produce enough thyroid hormone. Indeed, it would not be unusual for pulses of relatively slightly high thyroid hormone as the individual thyroid follicles break open and release excess thyroid hormone into the bloodstream.

Hypothyroidism occurs once the thyroid becomes unable to produce enough thyroid hormone.


Hi, thanks for information

What would you recommend for me to do at this point to help with my thyroid (to prevent further damage)


That is the difficulty. There are many suggestions but no completely proved answers. If we understood WHY autoimmune disease develops, we would probably be able to answer helpfully.

However, there is some evidence that you should start levothyroxine as soon as your TSH rises and/or FT4 and FT3 fall. That is, before the results go out of range - just sufficient change from your original test results.



I need to control TSH and T3/T4 to spot any changes

Is autoimmune protocol of paleo worth a try?


I wouldn't like to say about paleo - there are so many opinions and it is not something I have spent much time looking at.

Making sure you get and keep all test results (including reference ranges) for future use - that is a very, very useful step to take.


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