Thyroid/Angina connection?

Hi does anyone know if there's a connection between angina and Autoimmune Hypothyroidism or is my high blood pressure simply the cause. I also have pernicious anaemia and a million allergies.

Also I've read here that ferritin should be in the 70s but mine is 17ug 1L . This is just within the NHS range for normal but could this be why my heart isn't getting enough oxygen?


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Winschild, Undiagnosed/untreated hypothyroidism can cause heart problems which often become evident during the first year of treatment. You've been diagnosed for years so I don't think it is related unless you've been under medicated for a long time. BP can also be high if you are under medicated.

Your ferritin is very low but unless you are iron deficient is unlikely to reduce oxygen to your heart. Supplementing iron will improve your ferritin level. Take each iron tablet with 500mg-1,000mg vitamin C to aid absorption.

Angina is narrowing of the arteries which will reduce the blood flow carrying oxygen to your heart.

In addition to what Clutter wrote: iron is needed as part of an enzyme that in in the membrane of the mitochondria. These little capsule shaped organelles in cells are what generate energy. If ferritin is low, the there is a good chance your energy generating ability is low. This is why it is very important to have optimal ferritin levels. Optimal and within range are two very different things.

Am upping my iron intake through food will ask nutritionist about supplementing . Thanks

undertreated thyroid and indeed anything which puts too much stress on the body could indeed lead to angina

if your ferritin is only 17 your not able to convert the T4 in levothyroxine into the T3 your body cells need

So your best bet is to take iron plus at least 500mg vit c at least 4 hours away from the levo and also take a really good vitamin pill every night before bed

is your PA being adequately treated ? because that too needs attention

Hacing B12 shots every 3 months. Free T4, T3 results good. Thanks

Are you feeling good with 3-monthly injections ? Many sufferers of PA report symptoms returning long before the 3 months are up. The NHS used to give them monthly after the loading doses - then two-monthly and now 3-monthly - all about saving costs no doubt. Have you and your Doc seen the new guidelines for treating PA and B12 deficiency ?

Is it possible for you to post your T3 results ? It may indicate if you are converting well.

free T3 - 4.8, free T4 16.7, TSH0.05. I feel no difference at any stage of injections, before or after. Unlike when I stopped eating gluten, which made a huge difference.

Can you tell me where I would find those guidelines? Thanks

Also do you have ranges for your T4 and T3 results. They do vary from lab to lab :-)

Just to add to all the good advice above - do you know what your Thyroid levels are ? You need good T3 as it is needed for every cell in the body including the cells of the hearts and the vascular system. Sometimes with Hashimotos there can be an issues with converting T4 into the Active T3. Certainly your Low Ferritin would be part of that. Also you need good levels of VitD and B12....hope there are all optimal. How are they treating your PA ? - as suggested by RFU....

Allergies are linked to the Immune System - in my non-medical experience - so attending to that bit may be helpful - diet ?

Working with really knowledgable nutritionist now. All bloods good apart from Ferritin. thanks

Don't take over-the-counter iron supplements. They contain very low levels of iron. Get ferrous fumarate 210mg - they are less likely to bung you up too. You can get them in some pharmacies without a prescription but not all. You can also buy them online via amazon or ebay.


High blood pressure and heart problems can also be due to undermedication. It is important you have new blood tests for your thyroid gland and have it as early as possible and don't take your medication until afterwards. Also have the tests recommended above at the same time. Get a print-out of the results and post for comments. Ask the GP for a Full Thyroid Function Test which should include Free T4 and Free T3. T3 is the active hormone needed to drive our metabolism and keep us well. If the labs don't do all of the thyroid hormones, you can get private ones and if the are low inform your GP.

All my tests come back within the middle of the range apart from ferritin, I'm working with a nutritionist and take 125mcgs of levo per day.

...sorry middle of the range is not optimal. What are you aiming for with your Nutritionist - sorry not being nosey - just interested ! If you have Hashimotos then you possibly have underlying gut issues. Inflammation in the gut can cause problems in lots of places - including the heart :-) In fact narrowing of the arteries starts with inflammation....

Inflammation is what we are working on before we work on anything else. And yes I do believe it is all connected i was trying to eke a little more out of you lot that I can pass on to the nutritionist. What I am worried about, as I lost my thyroid to immune disfunction and my stomach lining is continually attacked and the signs of inflammation are always on my skin... is my heart being attacked as well.

You may like to take a peep at my edited health journey on my profile - just in case you wonder why I am showing an interest and commenting :-)

Yes I will avoid levo next time I go for blood tests as all was good this time apart from Ferritin. Thanks

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