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Hashimoto and taking beta glucans

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto autoimmune hypothyroidism 7 years ago and was treated by GPs and 4 different endos with various levels of levothyroxine for 7 years with some improvement at times. However earlier in the year I became very ill and unable to have a normal daily life. I've finally found a helpful endo who has prescribed a combination of 50mcg of levothyroxine and about 15 to 20 mcg of T3 replacement. He says I will have to find my own correct level of medication and has explained this to my GP who has given me a prescription for T3. With his encouragement I'm also supplementing D3 and B12 which are both fairly low and have just had blood tests for whole iron panel and may need to supplement that also.

Along with working on this I am wondering whether I should continue taking beta glucans which I have done for many years to generally 'improve' my immune system. I've been trying to find out if this is something that people with Hashimoto should do and I've read a item on the US website Outsmart Disease. This suggests that you need to be tested to see what form of autoimmune response/attack you have or if you have both Th1 and Th2. In one case it is positive to take beta glucans and in the other it is not. Apparently for most Hashimoto sufferers it is desirable but not always. The item says that it is possible to be tested for this. Does anyone have any information or experience of beta glucans and Hashimotos or know how I could get the appropriate tests of autoimmunity antibodies. I wonder if anyone else is supplementing with beta glucans and what they have found?

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As no-one has yet responded to your question, it would seem that many don't know about beta glucans

I haven't used it myself but this is a link which may be helpful to you.


Yes, thank you. I've read that item in outsmartdisease and it suggests that I should have Th1 and Th2 blood tests to find out which of 2 parts of my immune response system are responsible for the Hashimoto's. Then I can aim to rebalance my immune response and reduce immune attack on my thyroid. That is how I understand it. It there anyone out there who has experience of these tests and what help they may have been in getting better. Do hope someone has experience of this as it takes recovery beyond simply replacing the hormones that the thyroid is no longer producing.


If you post another new question asking about the Th1 and Th2 someone may have had it already. They will have a better opportunity to read and answer a new question.


Hello there arty. A couple of years ago I did try betaglucans for my own immune problems, (I also have Hashimotos), at someone's suggestion. I did not know of the issues that you have written of here, though I had read something about TH1 and TH2 and was experimenting on myself at the time trying to switch from one to the other by trying several things. I have forgotten which way I was trying to switch it to be honest! Someone had a theory which indicated that we could either be THI dominant or TH2 dominant, and ideally we needed to be in balance, but I have since read that actually it's more complicated than this in fact.

Anyway, I did try betaglucans and it didn't help my immune issues. However over time, I have had help from various directions and thankfully things have improved a lot for me. I still have a weak immune system and have to take care, but it's not as dysfunctional as it was. I used to spend days feeling ill while my immune system kind of over reacted to viruses, and I felt that my system was fighting all the time, but not resolving.


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