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Hashimoto’s and Travel Vaccines

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Hello again everyone. I have another question. I have Hashimoto’s . My labs are all within normal limits. I will be traveling to Polynesia and Ecuador within the next 4 months, (which requires vaccinations). Is it safe more me to get vaccinated already having an autoimmune disorder? My travel requires a hepatitis A and typhoid vaccines. And a flu shot is suggested. Is there anyone who has had these vaccines with Hashimoto’s, or know wether or not it is safe? I am wondering if I can be exempt from them.

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I have hashimotos and when I travelled to Uganda I had to have a barrage of vaccines all the above mentioned and I was absolutely fine. I didn’t do the flu shot as I have such an adverse effects with the flu shot.

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Thank you. The hepatitis and typhus shot are required. The flu shot is recommended. I’ve never had a flu shot, and I don’t plan to now. You and so many others have said they get sick after having it.


I have Hashi's.

I had a whole raft of booster shots (including the ones you mention) before I went to Zambia. I was fine with them though felt a bit washed out after one, I cannot remember which one and was fine after a nap.

Also pay heed if you need to take malaria precautions. Again I took the recommended course and was absolutely fine with it. Sometimes people have common side-effects but these are usually out of the way by the time you travel. Malaria wise you really don't want to take the risk if the areas you are going to are in a malaria zone.

I suppose we are all different in reactions, including people who have no chronic health issues. You need to weigh up that risk and that contracting the actual disease can be way way worse!

Have a good trip. :)

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Thank you for your response. I am going to go ahead and get them. All except the flu shot. I’ve heard too many horror stories about reactions to it.

I am cabin crew so have several vaccines regularly, with no issues. You should be fine

Wow! Lucky you! I bet you have a lot of different vaccines/boosters. I hope I don’t have an adverse reaction to mine. I’m skipping the flu shot though.

If you've got Hashimotos have you identified the critter that's causing the problem? It's likely one of these Candida EBV Lyme etc... Thyroid will most likely correct itself when sorted...

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ZakiB in reply to Roadrunnergreg

Thanks for your response. I have no clue as to what the culprit is. I thought it was gluten, but I had tests done for Celiac disease. (Ordered by my dermatologist) Are there specific test for Candida? My endocrinologist only treated me with levothyroxine.....never tested me for any triggers or possible allergies/intolerances. What test do you suggest?

The broadest test is serum antibody tests, igg iga etc.

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