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Hashimoto attacks our brains

Dr Datis Kharraziac states in his article.............

The most disturbing thing I see in regards to Hashimoto’s is that although people’s TSH may be managed with thyroid hormones, their immune dysregulation goes unchecked. This leaves other areas of the body vulnerable to attack, the most profound being the brain.

There are three ways Hashimoto’s can affect the brain. First, many people with Hashimoto’s also have an autoimmune attack against their nervous system. On a blood test this can be identified by positive antibodies to neurological tissue. Second, unrelated to an autoimmune attack against the nervous system, the inflammatory response generated by Hashimoto’s can activate the brain’s immune system, hence promoting inflammation in the brain. Third, Hashimoto’s can lead to low thyroid hormones, which are necessary to dampen the brain inflammation caused by the previous two factors.

Gosh I'm pleased I had an MRI scan last week.....still waiting on results.


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I have read Dr Datis Kharrazians book - Why Isn't My Brain Working ? - and have followed his talks/blogs. I personally think this is why I suffered an episode whilst driving on 21st April - my second. The previous one was exactly a year before. I have read quite a bit about Hashimotos Encephalopathy in various research papers on PubMed and the stroke like symptoms certainly resonated with me. It also took me around 24 hours to regain my equilibrium. I seem fine now but am aware something is not quite right ! Balance ?

It has been my aim to reduce my anti-bodies and going gluten free only reduced them by 100. Acupuncture twice weekly for a month took them down a further they are now around 600. Have considered giving up eggs and dairy next. I remain gluten free as I am aware the gluten molecules can penetrate the blood brain barrier and cause inflammation.

Have had my eyes tested only to discover I have been looking through the wrong prescription for almost three years :-( - another contributing factor to the episode.

I have had spinal surgery for stenosis in 2007 - which I now think was a B12 deficiency compromising the spinal cord - and could of course have been connected to my recent 'episode '. Sciatica is my daily companion too.

Yikes I sound a real mess - guess it's time to get those brain anti-bodies tested :-(

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Gosh Marz. It is amazing that you have been able to understand how things are happening and why.

I too have that book but haven't got started on it yet as have been burying my head in others and answering loads of member questions which I find interesting and actually quite theraputic after all the madness I've encountered of late.

How do they test your brain antibodies?


It's in the book I believe ! Page 227 onwards :-) Understanding my body ? - well I have had years of practice and resist rushing to the Doc's - not until I have worked it out myself....or at least part of it. I think you have seen my profile :-) - the edited version !

I too find answering posts therapeutic.....

Hope all goes well with the scan results....

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Antibodies don't tell the degree of your illness. Chris Kessler says that sometimes the immune system becomes so weak, that the anti bodies drop..which is not a good thing either. My head feels woozy and i get headaches, very tired and it is all in my feels swollen, if you know what i mean.

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