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ndt test HELP...test are weird....ft3/ft4 not rising but tsh down

I was losing hair on synthroid and always had low normal ft3 so changed to nature throid.....

7/15 synthroid 100mcg

tsh 1.48 (.45-4.5)

ft4 1.48 (.82-1.77)

ft3 2.7 (2.-4.4)

10/12 1 grain nt

tsh 5.62 (.45-4.5)

ft4 .98 (.82-1.77)

ft3 2.8 (2.-4.4)

vit d 56.3 (30-100)

ferritin 68 (15-150)

11/30 1.5 grains nature throid

tsh .29

ft4(.82-1.77) 1.0

ft3 (2.-4.4) 2.8

for 4 plus years have always tested negative for antibodies.....yearly

age 54 menopausal on progesterone and estrogen

take multi daily,b complex, turmeric, omegas, enzymes, vit d w k2, protein shakes

what is going on...I take one grain am and half pm 4 hours later

don't eat within 30 min and take away from vitamins

took test next morning after meds not to elevate falsely since t3 goes into blood streamfast..

I have slowly gain 30 pounds in 4 years, my hair started falling out when put on synthroid bec dr didn't like ndt 1.5 years ago and finally started loosing mass amount when wet hence ft4 and ft3 always low on synthroid too....serum iron 68, vit d 56 , always take b complex to keep bs up, and I am really nervous what in the world dr is going to say or do bec she is not that wise to begin with with thyroid.....

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T3 depresses TSH. The TSH measurement becomes virtually meaningless for anyone taking Liothyronine or NDT - TSH is not a reliable measure for effectiveness of medication.

P.S. I answered your other post too :)


my concern is the whole reason for changing was I don't convert t4 to t3 and was having hair loss due to low normal ft3 and low normal ft4 yet still have the same on ndt and what really surprised me is they didn't budge upping the dosage half grain which I would suspect to see a little movement which is so strange......I know my dr is going to freak at the tsh...would you think I need to go up to 2 grains.....??


Yes. :)

Your doctor will freak, probably - but if you gently point out that your FT3 isn't overrange, and that you've done some reading about others on t3-containing hormone replacement and they *all* have suppressed TSH (ok, not quite all - but most), he may stop freaking.

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The blood tests were only introduced along with levothyroxine.

If we use other thyroid hormones, i.e. NDT or T3 only or T3 added to T4, the blood tests will not/can not correlate. If we use other than levothyroxine the best way to judge if they suit us is when we begin to feel well with a gradual increase and are then well with no clinical symptoms . :)

I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions

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