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Two months ago... I was Told I have Graves Disease..

I didn't know what that was, only that it was associated with my Thyroid gland.

I only know that I felt as though I had been smashed by something massive that I did not see coming !!!

My life had changed so much, I only wanted to die, I was tortured by the want to lie

down and just die !

I was completely Exhausted .. I could barely get to the Bathroom

my skin itched head to foot

my muscles and joints ached

my face, neck and hands shook

I could not sleep for more than 2 or 3 hours a night

I had hot flushes at least every hour including in bed

my eyes were gritty and itchy

my hair was breaking off an inch from the roots and falling out in places

I have no body hair or eyebrows

I felt as though I was talking at a hundred miles an hour

I could Not do more than one thing at a time !!

I spoke and would stop at the simplest of words like CAT and even tho I was looking at it ...... I JUST COULD NOT SAY ... CAT!

I had a feeling of abject Terror !!

I felt like I was driving down hill in a car with no brakes my mind in a turmoil trying

to solve my predicament ..

I have never in my Life felt these symptoms ( maybe over a period of two years )

.... That was almost eight 8 weeks ago ...

Today I feel wonderful !

Like it never happened !

I ve been taking 20mg of CARBIMAZOLE in the mornings and 20mg at bedtime

.......... and with the help of

Valerian root to help me sleep.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin B Complex




Acidophilus Maximum Strenth

Milk Thistle



75mg Asprin

TODAY I feel Great and I can't believe the change in me ... how could I have

wanted to die !!!

I came into this site after my diagnosis 2 months ago and thought nothing would

help me but I am eternally grateful to those of you who take the time to reply to those

who know no-one else to ask for help.

Please be aware that your dreadful situations can and DO improve with knowledge

and the kindness and patience of others

Thank You so much 🌹

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Great to hear you are doing well now. I was the same! Could not fathom what had gone wrong with me. Felt absolutely out of my mind with a feeling of terror. Had to psyche myself up to set foot into the smallest of shops and then had to get in and out as fast as I could! Felt like the aisles were caving in on me! Couldn't concentrate or take time to look for things I couldn't find so half the time just grabbed anything! Was awful! Couldn't sleep, heart hammering away all night. Felt dizzy and unsteady, legs shaking and was constantly bringing conversations to an abrupt end to 'escape' because as I was standing, trying to listen, I felt I would collapse any second. Felt like I had to rush all the time, talking, walking etc. Ate constantly but lost weight. felt like I could not live if this was the way I was. But then...

Went to gp, blood test, referred to endocrinologist and started on anti thyroid meds and within a matter of weeks felt a billion times better! It was like night and day! I could have never imagined how dramatic and rapid the improvement was.

I have no idea why I did not seek help any sooner. I think partly I was so mentally unwell I could not make sensible decisions and partly I was scared that if I revealed all what I was feeling I would be admitted to a psychiatric hospital as an emergency. Even when I did go to my gp I was selective in what I told him in case this happened! Now I am in my right mind I can see how daft this was!

So to echo original post - for everyone else feeling like this, it does get better!


Oh Qwerty12345

You sound exactly the same as I did ...... I'm so very pleased for you too.

I know exactly what you mean about feeling like you were losing your mind

and fear that ' they ' would think that too.

I hope to God we stay better , as if I knew I was to go back there, I would

crumble !

I'm looking forward to having my life back, although a little nervous that

it could slip back again.

Stay healthy and be good to your Thyroid .. with some supplements

that will do it good ... I graze on Brazil nuts and seeds etc ...

and swear it helps me ... always keeping in mind my thyroid used to be wonderful until my immune system mucked around with it ...

so help IT too, with supplements and Vitamins.

Stay as well as you are ......


Wow. Thanks for sharing. I'm so happy you feel so good.

It's nice to hear a sucsess story 😁😁😁





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I am really glad you're feeling well. Look after yourself and I think you've really given other people hope.

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you're kind 🌹

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Glad you are on the mend. Graves has the most horrible effect on your body, my symptoms were very similar to yours, and when you said about like being in a car without brakes - it was an incident when driving one dark night when I nearly killed myself and my passenger that made me take action. Within two days I had been blood tested and was on carbimazole wth an appointment to see an endo and a date for my next blood test.

I had been feeling really unwell for a very long time but had been trying to pretend myself it wasn't really happening although I felt so ill I had gone to see a doctor a few months before I became unable to go on - only to be told 'Oh, you are just needing your holiday'. I was clearly needing a lot more than a holiday!

I left the surgery almost crying in frustration because the doctor I saw at that time had looked at me like I was absolutely nuts and in a way I probably was but not the way she thought.

Like you I also thought I was mentally ill - either that or had Alzheimer's and like you I had this feeling of talking a hundred miles an hour and being aware of the people I was talking to looking at me in a strange way.

Then I found this wonderful site and the amazing support and advice on offer. My first ever post was to ask 'will I ever feel normal again?' And the answer was 'yes' and I do. You have hit the nail on the head - to get through it you need to find out as much as you can about your condition, follow the advice given by people who have been through it and come out the other side, get as much rest as you possibly can and be kind - very kind - to yourself and be sure to do only things you want to do, not things you feel you ought to be doing.


I wish you the Best of health ...Fruit and nut case ... and flowers 💐

keep helping others ... and most of all yourself Precious


madge i sincerely hope how you feel now continues

however for many graves patients that is not the case so never never never be fobbed off or believe the medics

IMHO they keep people on too much carbimazole and then in due course recommend RAI

whatever you do refuse RAI absolutely and only opt for surgury


I know, reallyfedup123

I go to see private Endo this coming week ... I can't wait !

and it's my plan to tell him I need to keep a close eye

on the blood results as I have NO INTENTION of destroying

what I'm sure was a healthy Thyroid which was being attacked

by an aggressive Immune System

I'm grateful for your warning and advice ... Thank You 🌻

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You summed that up beautifully! Sometimes I wish I could tell people this as I think it is quite hard for people to understand how much it can change you. Good luck for the future . Nancy


cheers nm1500......

I've been feeling great for a few days now that CARBIMAZOLE is doing its job .. but I can't believe my GP missed at least .... SIX BIG SYMPTOMS of GRAVES DISEASE

for heaven knows how long , as I've been feeling this way for years... I thought

I'd lost my mind ... I could write a book about it ! but won't bore you all. I've been through all the emotions and now it's anger !

I haven't said a word to my GP about how mad I am that he ignored my symptoms .... his defence at my diagnosis

" but I did your bloods two years ago and you were NORMAL " we all know what

' they ' think normal is !


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