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dr just called............could be good news

i said that a while ago he said there was something else we could try if i couldnt get on with thyroxine and he asked what the problem was and i told him i just have not felt well since starting to take it and he said there was thyronine but he didnt know much about it so would be looking it up then will call me back............i googled thyronine and its T3 ive got everything crossable crossed at the moment that he agrees and gives me some.................knowing how my lucks been lately he will say no though

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That's a good start! Some areas won't prescribe it and you may have to rely on a referral to an endo to actually get it, but if your GP is open to the idea then it's definitely a good start!

Some people find that their endo will prescribe T3 but then their GP refuses. I'm not sure how a GP is allowed to overrule a specialist but it doesn't seem right to me! As your GP seems very open minded, you might be one of the lucky ones.

I'm crossing everything crossable too. It would be amazing if your GP will do this.

While you're at it you could ask for all the usual tests, if you haven't already: serum iron, ferritin, folate, B12 and vitamin D.

Carolyn x


he said no said it would cause more probs than im having now so is giving me something else to try have to collect later so will post back with what its called. He did say to ask my endo for better meds when i see him/her so ill be calling them tomorrow and hope i get an early appointment as at the moment im thinking of palps shortness of breath mood swings ect is it really worth taking the levo or not

i want my life back :( :( :(


ill get the endo to do all the tests as was refused a blood test yesterday as not due one for another year


I'm crossing everything too.....



he said no :(


hubby went to collect meds and not in the pharmacy so he popped into the drs and it was on their computer but still upstairs so will be ready for collection long does it take for a dr to print off and sign a prescription?.............hubby went 7 hours after the phone call


Hi Mandy

I'm so sorry for your situation after reading your posts...

Write a formal complaint to your surgery, listing the issues - you seem to have one thing with this surgery after another and it's not acceptable service.

Earlier this year I wrote to my surgery with a complaint about treatment of my thyroid issues and I've had much better service since. Now they listen, which is always a good start!

Good luck

Liza x


Hi Liza i think your right they will treat me fairly well for anything else except my thyroid....if i went in and said i was severely depressed they would listen and hand me pills

go on saying you cant sleep they give you pills

go in and ask for increase in thyroid meds because i feel ill and then its ignored as my levels are in the accepted area soyou shouldnt feel ill

i have a friend thats happy to help me draft up a letter of complaint so i think i will seriously think about it over the weekend and see how i feel...........but if im honest ill prob complain its my healthy they are messing with

my family that are suffering because of anxiety and depression

my poor poor dogs need a good brush and im paying my teenage daughter to bath and brush them

i feel lazy and rude half the time

not to mention being called a fat smoker whos doing nothing to help herself


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