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Hello everyone,

I have Hashi's and possibly Fibromyalgia, awaiting reply from Dr to receive Savella ( not too sure if it can be obtained in this country). If not., I will order online which, she was in agreement with. Pain is horrific;latest blood results. Would be very grateful for clarification:

TSH 0.11mLU/L 0.30 - 3.94

Free T4 8.8 pmol 12.30- 20.20

Free T3 6.7 '' ' 3.3.70 - 6.70 pmol

Serum Ferritin 80 ug 13.00 - 150.00

Serum iron level 21 umol 7.00 - 26.00

Serum TIBC 72 umol 45.00 - 70.00

Saturation iron binding 29% 14 - 51 %

Lymphocyte count 1.9 1.10 - 4.0010^ 9/L

Eosinophil count 0.9 0.00 - 0.7010^9/L

Cholosterol 7.1 mmol/L

Serum vitamin B12 680 ng/L 191.00 - 663.00ng/L

serum Folate >20.0 ug/L 4.60 - 18.70 ug/L

Vitamin D just said normal ? with no test results.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen in advance for your advice.

Kind blessings


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What medication are you on ?

Did you take it in the 24hrs before blood test because that skews results

Your free t4 is very low and free t3 at top of its range which is odd

Your cholesterol is high for someone with such a good t3 level


I dont know, but it looks to me like you might have made a typo with that T3 result. For a start, there are too many numbers. And it's very strange that your level is exaclty the same as the upper level of the range - especially with the FT4 so low. So, if you didn't, perhaps the lab did. Unless you're taking massive doses of T3 - but then the TSH would be lower...


Hi Greygoose,

Initially, my T3 was 3.6 back in February reference range 3.70 - 6.70.

So, I started to take 20 ug of T3 to increase it. As it now shows 6.7

I have only just started to take Thiroyd from Thailand. I grain.

Please could u tell me what is the best level for TSH and Free T4.

Many thanks



Ahhhh OK! You really should say what you're taking when you ask a question, because it changes everything.

So, when you are taking anything with T3 in it - or T3 on its own - TSH is normally suppressed - and that's fine. FT4 will also be low, because the body doesn't hang on to as much of it as it would if you took T4 only.

So, your results are looking good! I know you've only been on your present dose for a short time - takes about 6 weeks to feel full effect - but have you not noticed any improvement in your fibro at all? If not, it could be that your vit D is too low, despite what they say. You really should insist on having the figures, because they have no idea about these things, and will tell you that it's 'fine' even if it's just scraping over the lower limit. 'Normal' is meaningless, there's no such thing. It's an opinion, not a diagnosis. Don't settle for it!

Apart from that, your iron could be a little bit higher, so could your B12. You might find a reduction in pain if you upped the B12 to 1000 - optimal. :)


Thank you Greygoose,

I am grateful for your advice.

The Fibro is getting worse, tiredness, brain fog, depression etc.

I will up my B12 and D3.

Many thanks



No. That's not what I'm saying. I didn't say your dose was too low - I didn't even know you were taking vit D - what I meant was : you need to know the blood test result so that you know if you need to supplement.

Don't just up D3 without knowing your level. You really Don't want to take too much.

It's your iron that I said could be higher, not your Vit D. I Don't know your vit D! lol

Get the vit D results, then you'll know what you're doing.

On the other hand, you can't over-dose on B12 because it's water-soluble. But if you're taking B12, you should be taking a B complex as well, to keep the Bs balanced.


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